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    My results with Ratchet & Clank Qforce (Retail) with update 1.01 doesn't work, error 8001003C.

    no matter what i do deleting game data etc... same.

    With Fifa 13 with latest update works fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StanSmith View Post
    Thats coz your in 4.3 so it doesn't matter and you wouldn't use this.

    This is for 4.21+CFW NOT 4.30 CFW.
    Yes it is for CFW 4.30 too... the '+' means 4.21 and higher. FIFA 13 update 1.04 requires 4.31, and won't run on Rogero 4.30 v2.03.

    This fixes it.

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    My bad. But most updates that need to be patched are for 4.30 and its mainly when your running cfw4.21 as if your running cfw4.30 just about all games work and just about all updates work so you don't really need this.

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    This works for Fifa 13 update 1.04 but i can't get ultimate team to load, anyone else getting this as well ?

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    Yer i'm getting the same thing, get as far as ultimate team in menu then it just gets stuck on loading. Don't get it the rest of its fine online mode works so it can't be eboot any idears any one?

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    Fixed the ultimate team issue by delete the game data and update fifa 13 again, use the new version of the app to fix the error Fix 4.21+ v0.9, i was using the old version after using the new one i can play ultimate team again.

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    evrey game i have tried a lot of what is listed here and other ones and are all working fine with normal updates on 4.30 v2.0 no problems at all, dont know why people are still on 4.21 though is worth updating to latest cfw and multiman

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    So with this, I can play Fifa 13 with the latest updates and such, without problems? Great...!

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    It says on this forum that the error 80010009 was fixed a while back but I'm on Mutiman 04.50.01 on OFW 4.53 and my FIFA 14 and NFS Rivals still keeps giving me this error when trying to start. Any ideas?

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    Thanks a lot. This is awesome! I am on 4.46.1 D-REX and it solved my problem for minecraft

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