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    Jul 2008
    np just wanted to know if the peoples have recognized the update version.

    I'll write a gui version for better handling and will also include the pkg and dev_flash version of fix_tar from nathanr3269.

    But maybe he will do the same and beat me this time.

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    Ok, but nathans latest is still better isn't it so not so great really your fixed version, everyone should use nathnas for now I thinks.

    EDIT: its not a race, why not just let one dev do it, nathan seems to know what hes talking about.

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    Jul 2008
    Why is it better ? Please explain !!

    They are both the same and by they way in case of its not a race, i agree but this thread would be started of me so why not let it do by me ? Also please explain why he knows what he talk and i'm not ?

    nathanr3269 No offence meant to you mate Great work and thx for the info about pkg and dev_flash.tar

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    ok, you right sorry, I just mean nathan hasnt released a bug in his version, no offence, you do it then.

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    Aug 2011
    1. It isn't right. The first version of nathanr3269's fix_tar had the same bug (I don't like to call it as bug, simply the permissions missed on the original source code) of the cfwprophet version, I explained both cfwprophet and nathanr3269 via pm what was missing since I worked on the same thing few days ago.

    2. Both cfwprophet and nathanr3269 are very good developers, so they don't deserve any offence, but only respect from community.

    3. This tool is only useful to the developers, so please you don't complain about it.

    Yesterday I tested fix_tar by cfwprophet and it works perfectly.

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