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  1. #11
    Ezio Guest
    It's great, nathanr3296, thanks for help, I appreciate a lot. I'm going to test it soon, but I'm almost sure it works perfectly. Could you complete this great work creating a fix_tar also for spkg_hdr.tar?

    I'll +rep you as soon as I can.

  2. #12
    nathanr3269 Guest
    Thanks friend

    fix_tar_update works fine with spkg_hdr.tar, is the same data like update_files.tar, but content of spkg_hdr.tar is impossible to decrypt, there´s no info about it... so is ok like original file, not need to change


  3. #13
    cfwprophet Guest

    Update: fix_tar_v3.2

    Sorry needed a rest. I was so tired. Anyway i found something additional out about the source code. There is a value for check the filemode aka permission on a tar. It just wasn't in use and needed to be added into the source on a other place.

    Download: Fix TAR v3.2

    To be displayed on the command line i added also some stuff to do this. And some info about update_files.tar on diff FW's:

    [Register or Login to view code]

  4. #14
    nathanr3269 Guest
    Here it is with fixed permission for 4.00:

    Download: Fix TAR v3 (Fixed v2)

    Sets permissions of update_files.tar to 0000644


  5. #15
    Ezio Guest
    Thank you very much, nathanr3269.

    That's amazing, I'm going to test it later.

  6. #16
    HomebrewAnimal Guest
    Thanks nathan for the fixed version. +rep

    Ezio: I asked could the previous buggy version cause a brick, i mean if a pup was made and installed with the buggy version, could that pup cause a brick?

    People have been making pups for 4.00 since before this was released so.. When making windows apps to mess with FW pkgs i think it must be done 100% right, releasing buggy versions that are not tested enough just isn't good enough, -rep cfwprophet, +rep nathan

  7. #17
    nathanr3269 Guest
    Fix_tar doesn't cause brick, is highly dangerous with core_os pkg (this don't use fix_tar), but others if something is wrong, PS3 cancels the installation.


  8. #18
    HomebrewAnimal Guest
    ok. nice, thankyou for explaining that risk to us as was not sure if it was only CoreOS pkg that was super risky or if this touched that, thank you.

  9. #19
    cfwprophet Guest
    Does even one of the members here have recognized that i have posted a fixed version with also permission patch before nathan has posted his version with permission patch ?

    And my release also contain fix_tar's for debug's, retail 3.41, retail 3.5+>> and the new debug's + OFW 4.0

  10. #20
    Ezio Guest
    You're right, cfwprophet, I saw the download link only now. I thinked it included only the image you posted, LOL instead it contains the fixed versions of your previous release. So you fixed it before nathanr3269, I would like to thank you also if maybe I'm a little late.

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