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    Jan 2009

    Fist on the North Star (Hokuto no Ken) PS3 JailBreak

    hi, i can't play fist of the north star on 3.41. i edited param.sfo, but after choosing the game on the OM 1.16, i can't make it run, xmb reboots, but if i push X on the XMB nothing change, if i put a generic BD disc, turns out "DAMAGED DATA" is here any one that can help me?

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    Sep 2010
    Again, try to rebuild database from service mode. Bless

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    Oct 2010
    Check that you have the whole game. I've had the same problem, because i was missing about 2gigs of data. Redownloaded the game and now the game works fine.

    Great game if you are a Fist-fan...

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    Jul 2009
    I have no problem running Japan & Europe version. Maybe there's a file corrupt there.

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    Apr 2010
    I have the us version which when edited the sfo it loads to a black screen.

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