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    Is this the slim version

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    Quote Originally Posted by ModderFokker View Post
    Is this the slim version
    HAHA that's hilarious!

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    my god dude that thing is a beast.. 8 usb ports lol

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    Thanks for the info CJPC. That is one piece of impressive hardware.

    It would have been great to have those 2 extra usb ports on the back of the ps3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by livpool View Post
    wow that looks ugly!
    but it sure looks very useful

    i can't wait for more updates, keep it up mate!
    Funny, when I saw it I thought it looked amazing! Then again, maybe I spent a bit too much time around rack-mount equipment. I'd love to have a rackmount PS3 in my theatre though.

    Thanks CJPC for sharing the photo and information. I'm really looking forward to the internal shots!

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    That is one amazing piece of hardware CJPC.

    Can't wait to see what interesting things it leads too.

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    "as time permits of course!"

    Would be so cool if the devs had permanent vacations ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by veggav View Post
    Would be so cool if the devs had permanent vacations ^^
    Yea hehe, I don't think CJPC would complain about that.. right now he juggles school/homework, regular work, life (meals, laundry, tv, family etc), IRC and site/backend work here between his "PS3 TOOL" playing freetime.

    Somehow he still manages to do it all though, with almost 6 hours of sleep daily!

    That's OK though, as they say "good things come to those who wait" so as long as he can fit in some time for PS3 Dev'ing it helps keep up the spirit!

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    Nice indeed this unit by the looks of it, and boss you forgot to mention girl time for CJPC.. hehe as that will slow a person down or come to a complete stop for a while..

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    Impressive piece of hardware. Especially the part about ISO loading on the PS3 ! LOL did I just say that (ISO loading on the PS3) ? Hope it won't turn up on some search engine or something...

    Question #1: Can this TOOL be analyzed to replicate its functionality on retail models ? I don't mean it in a "piracy" kind of way but more like a backup kind of way. Discs get damaged very easily.

    Question #2: Can/will it eventually lead us to custom firmware paradise ?

    Question #3: Where can I get one ?

    Hope something will show up around Christmas time. That would be a very nice present to the world.

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