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    Jan 2010

    Lightbulb Few ideas concerning PSJailbreak

    Hey guys, not sure who has a PSJailbreak in front of them, but I have a few ideas regarding it that I wonder if they've been tested yet, namely:

    1) Attempt installation of PS1/PS2 games from disc

    2) Attempt to run/install PSN packages from USB

    3) Attempt to repackage PS2 Homebrew using the SDK and install/run it

    4) Intercept syscalls in regards to the SPE using Geo's original exploit, to see if the keys can be intercepted

    5) Intercept the BD keys during the copy process, using the same exploit

    6) Install either debug or previous FW revisions to "downgrade" the system

    Just curious if any progress has been made on these fronts.

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    Apr 2005
    I know when CJPC gets his he will be happy to, but if anyone else has one on-hand already feel free to jump in as well and I will +Rep ya!

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    Apr 2008
    also i have somthing to add... i know there is a issue right now with files that exceed 4gb on the external drives... WHY are people formtatting them to fat32?

    why not format to USF2? (ps3 native format) im sure somone could develop a app like the ps2 app & the Wii app for loading games on a external...

    so that there should get rid of the 4gb limit

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