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  1. #81
    sykesvr6 Guest
    primary is your pc's ip yes, secondary is default gateway.

  2. #82
    PiMpD Guest
    Well im on the 32BIT version already .. I am having all the same probs crazelunatic has in HIS post .. Beats me!!

  3. #83
    NCSUfan Guest
    I freeze everytime I try altering the ca24 file.

    I rename the original as .bak, then try to tranfer new file and it never finishes. can't replace it or anything either.

    wtf. help??

  4. #84
    crazelunatic Guest
    You're not the only 1 who has that issue unfortunately... i cannot for the love of me get fckpsn 0.4 to run so i can't even check if i have the certificate step right i am running wtz/geohot/niamaa dont know if that makes a difference i would try the cert that came with fckpsn 0.4 but i dont know whats the point since i can't even get the program to run on the windows side

  5. #85
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    To make an official announcement, which somebody should already read fckPsn v0.4 is released !

    Marginal note

    Q: fckPSN does not start or prints “Address already in use” as error
    A: Close anything that is using port 80 or 443, try also to close skype

  6. #86
    Studs Guest
    same here. v0.4 won't run. But v0.3 will. strange...

  7. #87
    PiMpD Guest
    yeh i did all that.. framework 3.5 gives error to install on WIN7.. fckpsn closes down upon opening.. and the dns app closes after response to prompt. 0.4 closes down immediately too.

  8. #88
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Right click on it, "Run as Administrator" fix the problem under Vista.

  9. #89
    mikeytikey Guest
    i'm using version 0.3 of the bypass, i'm logged on psn right now just go with that one.

  10. #90
    PiMpD Guest
    does this even work when using wireless??

    run as admin no good either..

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