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  1. #71
    overburnz Guest
    i keep getting the message to update my system... what i am i doing wrong?

    i have a ps3 slim 250GB, CFW Kmeaw, Win7 Ultimate 64Bits and live in portugal.

  2. #72
    sykesvr6 Guest
    sorted it, thank you very much!

  3. #73
    souleater32 Guest
    hey sykesvr6, what exactly did you do for the dns part? i'm not sure if i am putting the correct numbers in for pri dns and sec dns. Does the primary dns use the 192.168... of your actual pc ip? and what about the secondary. thanks.

  4. #74
    cloud41269 Guest
    This is what i did and see if it might help a few people. Stuck finding \dev_blind? type it in and press enter, you should enter its folder. Its hidden. I used flashfxp to rename the certificate to .bak (at the end of the file) and uploaded the modified one.
    Now use fckpsn v0.4 i dont have an answer yet as to why it dissapears (maybe microsoft.net isnt installed) just hope it stays there after accepting the windows firewall.

    Ps3, use ethernet cable, put your ip as what you like it to be. Default Router (for me im using netgear router)
    Primary DNS (run up command prompt (run/search for cmd) type ipconfig and look under ethernet (if your computer is connected by cable) or IPv4 address if wireless (move the bar up if need be to see it) type in your computer ip address in Primary DNS.

    Seconadary DNS, same as router (or some are using

  5. #75
    souleater32 Guest
    so basically i create a new ip for ps3 in the ps3 network settings, then in the primary i put my pc's actual ip addy then secondary put in the dns server addy.

  6. #76
    Studs Guest
    Cant connect to PSN at all using this method. Internet connection fine just not PSN. Using PAL 60gb launch with kmeaw cfw. Just get the update now prompt.

  7. #77
    bLackftw1989 Guest
    I just get the same "error". I used 2 DNS and all but I still got "Theres and System Update available".

    What to do?

  8. #78
    overburnz Guest
    Got it thanks

  9. #79
    Studs Guest
    Done all that to the letter. Now getting 80710A06 error code. Maybe its a PAL thing?

  10. #80
    PiMpD Guest
    I'm starting to think it's a WIN7 64BIT issue... time to downgrade

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