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  1. #61
    devious1080 Guest
    hi riggs, have you had any joy on getting this to work on os x?

  2. #62
    billmclelland Guest
    yes trophies sync no problem

  3. #63
    smackedgnome Guest
    works fine got both my ps3's fat and slim both on wannins 3.55 and now both on psn!!!

  4. #64
    PiMpD Guest
    As well .. the ip that my PC is giving me is the ip i modified for the old bypass method.

  5. #65
    aletero Guest
    I can't see the /dev_blind/ folder inside my ps3 in ftp even thought the pkg file says it is mounted and asks me to unmount it. Did i do something wrong? cuz i did as the steps said.

  6. #66
    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    I removed a bunch of posts, please follow the Site Rules guys... we don't allow profanity here so when talking about the app please abbreviate it like "FckPSN" or similar.

  7. #67
    Foamy Guest
    does this allow you to connect to the killzone 3 open beta?

  8. #68
    crazelunatic Guest
    when i try to run fckpsn 0.3 or 0.4 a command prompt starts but then my windows firewall says it blocked certain features of ruby.exe. In my firewall configuration i have all ruby.exe allowed to bypass and fckpsn 0.3 and 0.4 but each time i run either version the windows security alert keeps popping up and when i choose to allow the program shuts off...??

    is anybody aware of a solution to this? Im on windows 7 64-bit... + my ps3dns.exe will stop working after i hit y when it asks for my pc ip... i've also tried installing .net framework 3.5 but i get an error each time during setup install and i have 3.5.1.

  9. #69
    lucifer316 Guest
    i could not get fckpsn itself to successfully run on my win 7 64 bit desktop

    however i could get it working on my vista 32 bit laptop

  10. #70
    mikeytikey Guest
    my pc is running windows 7 32-bit, everything worked for me, just encountered the firewall deal and allowed all.

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