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  1. #51
    Corvinx Guest
    hi im a newbie at this can u xplain me the 8 and 9 step?

  2. #52
    Wonderkik Guest
    To me "noob-friendly" is not simply easy, it's rather something that can't fail or go wrong. Replacing a certificate is very easy, but as you have to do it in the flash, there is a possibility to mess up something if you do it wrong.

    People on the net are quite scary, especially when it comes to computers. They do some really silly things out of the blue... I repair computers for a living, and I have seen weird stuff and sick ways of breaking a computer ^^

    Even if the risk here is nearly non-existent, eventually someone will do it anyway...

  3. #53
    mikeytikey Guest


    This is by far the easiest and fastest by you can get, props, props and more props for all our brothers/sisters out there!!!

  4. #54
    tonybologna Guest
    I see an update coming from Sony to patch all these bypasses in 3... 2... 1 contact. Seriously, when do you guys think it will happen? This week? Within a couple weeks? One month? How long before it's done?

  5. #55
    barrybarryk Guest
    it doesn't need a firmware update to revoke it, but since 3.60 is going to land soon they'll probably just do it then.

  6. #56
    armaniman Guest
    please guys, i don't know how to do the steps 8 and 9, can someone explain please. thank you.

  7. #57
    Wonderkik Guest
    In "network settings" on your Ps3, configure a new internet connection, and choose "Manual" instead of "Automatic". You'll soon be prompted to enter your DNS.

    Noob-friendly, huh? ^^ (Don't take this badly, it's just a little joke )

  8. #58
    fastphil160 Guest
    thanks very much, worked like a charm even for a noob like me

  9. #59
    blueuk808 Guest
    Thanks so much for this - dead easy to install and works like a charm - you're a legend.

  10. #60
    souleater32 Guest
    I am just confused on 8 and 9 too. I put in what I believe is my pc's ip addy starting with 192 into the primary dns in network settings.

    However I am confused as to the second dns option. On my router settings it shows both primary and secondary, but when I put in the secondary dns numbers I cant connect to the internet on ps3 less known getting on psn. I just need to know what right numbers i need to put in. Thanks for the app too.

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