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    Senior Member Blade86's Avatar
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    Its also intregated in multiman. Go xmb-style view. then in the settings-col. (i think the 2nd from left). then scroll down to the 2nd from the last: enable dev_blind...

    Dont forget to restart ps3 after modifying...

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    Checked IP settings and seems fine but I Can't seem to find go.bat

    Regarding your question, you can install PSIDpatch v1.5 and get your consoles consoleID from there.

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    I changed my ConsoleID when I converted to DEX. DEX-Console-ID are not allowed to sign into PSN i think. Thats why I wanted my old Console-ID, my CEX-one. I dont want to change it, I just want to spoof it on-fly-by with fckpsn. So now I need to extract my CEX-ID from my CEX-Dumps...


    P.S.: Take the go.bat from FPSN Editable version by Asure: http://rghost.net/40905418

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    Ok so i've tried it with the go.bat from FPSN editable version. Still 80710A6 error

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    Does this still work?

  6. #446
    Working 100% for me.

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    Arrow FckPSN v1.0 Released

    I have now added FckPSN v1.0 by drizzt to Update #2 in the main article for those following.

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    How fast are you? Thank you so much for sharing PS3 News

    Hmm, in the 1.0 .rb file the version is set to 4.21 still & consoleID is all 0 again

    Didn't try the precompiled exe, but since our modified version works well for my dex, im gonna stick with that...
    In my opinion, it is the best way, because we are flexible if something got changed

    Now, I'm gonna check my CEX-Dumps, lets see if i can get my old consoleID spoofed


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    Sweet FckPSN v1.0 working fine for me...

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    FckPSN - Modded by Blade

    Hey guys! I modified FckPSN for personal use:
    • "New skin"
    • Externalized Configuration File
    • Configurator-script (set how u like to spoof: FW-ver, Passphrase, Target-ID, Mainboard-Revision, Rest of console ID, ...)
    • Configuration-Resetter.script (Set to standard Options)
    • Configs are not "skinned" yet.
    • No restriction on user-input yet.

    Worked this night on it. I don't know if it is allowed to, thats why I wont upload it until I am allowed to...

    I know that I was very slow. whole night work & such a minimum progress, but I never progged ruby before, so needed to learn it first...
    Next Ver, I make a better progress, I promise.

    Anyone who want to do it yourself, ask me, i help you

    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    Mod-Skin.jpg   Config.jpg   reset.jpg  
    Last edited by Blade86; 10-15-2012 at 10:30 AM


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