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    Contributor shagratt71's Avatar
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    I was able to sign in for aprox 15, then I got the 80710A05 error, why?, have I been banned, if so what can I do?

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    Post a screenshot of fckpsn/ruby.

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    where can i get dev_blind.pkg from?

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    So i've checked the .rb file and version was set to 4.21 so changed it to 4.25. Passph is set to zvc***

    The consoleID is a few 0's followed by letters and numbers so im assuming thats fine.

    Recopied CA27 (948 bytes) and restarted ps3. Opened .rb file tried to access psn still getting error 80710A06

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    Here's a screenshot of fckPSN
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    Damn, I got the same error and was desperated. (I know the pain) Yes if there are numbers diffrent from zero and even letter in the consoleID then its fine. IP-settings?

    PS3: 192.168.X.250
    GATEWAY: 192.168.X.1 (your router)
    DNS1: 192.168.X.Y (PC)
    DNS2: 192.168.X.Y (PC)
    proxy off
    upnp on

    start the fckpsn.rb with the go.bat Hope that could bring you a step forward.

    QUESTION: I asked this a time ago, but didnt find the answer. I'm on DEX & got my CEX-NAND-DUMPS. How can I extract my ConsoleID from that DUMPS on PC and convert the format to make it compatible with fckpsn (74characters, i think 37HEX-Values)?

    I want to spoof it with this fckPSN to my own CEX-ConsoleID. I think its gonna be weird if we all got the same spoofed id...


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    I had a very similar issue... make sure you are using ca27.cer from fckpsn 0.9c... the one your using didn't seem to work for me either

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    Thx to Starchild again

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    can someone help me out here? i've been trying all night, tried different certs programs everything. can you upload one ones your using? thanks.. do you know if it works on dex. i tried both but i'm on dex again now

    get a error and signed out
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    Quote Originally Posted by shagratt71 View Post
    where can i get dev_blind.pkg from?
    There is a mirror here for it: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...tml#post377899


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