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Thread: FckPSN v0.3 - Another PS3 CFW 3.55 PSN Bypass Application

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    Agamem666 Guest
    Step 1 : Get the ca27.cer in "Software.rar Software Pack"
    Step 2 : Put tha Ca27.cer in your ps3 (you know how to do)
    Step 3 : change PS3 Dns with ip of your computer
    Step 4 : Go to the update section and download the archive (juste above the 3 pictures).
    Step 5 : unzip previous file in c:
    Step 6 : Drag "c:\FckPSN\src\fckPsn.rb" to "c:\FckPSN\bin\ruby.exe"
    Step 7 : Enjoy !!!
    Step 8 : Excuse me for my english, i'm french and i slept during class...

    Work with dongle and 3.55 cfw of course.

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    Shinretsu Guest
    thanks for the new links

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    Blade86 Guest
    There is no proper fix for v1.23...

    I first installed the 1.19-1.21 fix.
    Then I extracted the 2 official patches & copied 1.23 over 1.22.
    Then I copied all that over to dev_hdd0/game/BLxxxxxx
    I get the 1.22 fix: I modified the 1.22fix-eboot from blus to bles & from 1.22 to 1.23
    then I changed the param.sfo to 1.23
    After all I copied the 4 files to ps3:
    EBOOT.BIN (modified to 1.23)
    PARAM.SFO (modified to 1.23)
    default.self (from the 1.22fix) [Cannot modify it ]
    default_mp.self (from the 1.22fix) [Cannot modify it ]
    But it is playable online...


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    jamstar95 Guest
    Tried this but still getting PSN error 80710A06, I guess that my console's banned

    Can anyone please prove me wrong ?

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    Blade86 Guest
    look inside the .rb-file:

    1) check that ver is set to 4.25 not 4.21 (line 36)
    2) check passph is set to "zvc***" not "t2w***" (line 37/38)
    3) check check consoleID is not only 00000 (line 193 +/-)
    4) recopy the ca27 (948 Bytes) to dev_blind
    5) restart ps3

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    Shinretsu Guest
    Ok, I was trying to log onto the store but I can't seem to make it, I keep getting the message about downloading a new update, I have already changed both certificates, changed both dns on the ps3 and of course, running the program on the pc, any clues? I may be doing something wrong or I forgot something

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    saikmsm Guest
    will this work on 3.41 jb ?

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    j0hnsmith Guest

    Thanks for the quick response. Wow that's a lot to digest! I'm still basically a n00b for patching stuff for online play. Is there a PM system here or maybe an email I can reach you at?

    Because I know I'm going to have a bunch of questions to ask, and I don't wanna clog this thread. I tried looking for those official patches but can't find it. I think I can take it from there. If that's not possible, if you can please provide a link on where to download the official patches, I'd appreciate it.


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    witchfinder Guest
    Hopefully for those that like online gaming, this will work for some time. Never been a online gamer myself.

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    NotJustAnyRob Guest
    Does it work with a banned ps3?

    Wow really dude? Back then when i had the PS2 i really didn't care about the online thing. And it was more fun, but now it's a different story with the PS3.

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