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  1. #411
    Renold Guest
    I used the ruby trick. It didn't work.

    I took out the dongle. Did the trick again. It didn't work. I noticed on all the stuff happening that fckpsn always had an ipv4 value different from my ip obtained with ipconfig and put as primary DNS.

    Changed that value in the ps3 to match it. Tried to synch my trophies. Synch started after 30 seconds or more

    Thanks a lot to whoever coded this stuff. I don't play online but every once in a while I like to synch my hard earned trophies.

  2. #412
    k9inpoop Guest
    Thank you

  3. #413
    technodon Guest
    i cant seem to get this working, i tried both charles and fckpsn.. it attempts to connect then when about to sign in says i've been signed out

  4. #414
    Blade86 Guest
    Hey, I still got my old (prior worked with fpsn0.9c) ca27-file active. Did the modified fPsn but I get the 80710A06...

    Starchild2k describes how to solve this, but I cannot understand it

    Nvm got it wtf nice thx!!!

  5. #415
    technodon Guest
    can you help me?

  6. #416
    easy2boy Guest
    all i have did is i run Fpsn_editable\bin\go.bat

    Then i get access back to psn with no problem.

    am i safe or there's something i should do beside that i mentioned i have access to psn was no problem at all

  7. #417
    technodon Guest
    i've tried that but it just signs me out

  8. #418
    jamstar95 Guest
    Tried reinstalling kmeaw to restore CA24 and copied over the CA27 from FckPSN v0.9c using dev_blind and comgenie's awesome file manager. Then used PSIDPatch v1.5 to change consoleID and PSID (incase of ban) and opened the fckPsn.rb file with ruby.exe and still getting psn error 80710A06.

    Please help

  9. #419
    Blade86 Guest
    Thank you sooo much!! Online in MW3 again


  10. #420
    j0hnsmith Guest
    Hello I got everything working but can't seem to play MW3 online. I can access the PS store and access a different game online, so I know my settings are correct. When I try to connect it says the following:

    "COD MW3 server is not available at this time. please try again or visit callofduty.com/mw3/status for updates".

    I checked their site and it seems to be up. If someone can point me the right direction via thread or perhaps send me PM on how to play online or join/host lobbies, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Lastly, big thanks to the scene for everything. You guys are BOSS!

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