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Thread: FckPSN v0.3 - Another PS3 CFW 3.55 PSN Bypass Application

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    hackerxide Guest

    Cool How to Connect to PSN again -- The easy way!

    Hey guys, FckPSN is back!! This is the super easy way to get it running again, even easier if you already used FckPSN before!

    What's needed:

    • PS3 running cfw
    • Ruby.exe
    • fckpsn.rb

    ** If this is your first time using fckpsn then read this, if not then continue down!

    First time users need to download the dev_blind pkg and install it on the ps3! That's all you have to do, and now you can read on!

    Once Dev_Blind has been run and mounted just open ftp server and navigate to /dev_blind/data/cer/ and replace CA27.cer with the one included in the folder. You might want to rename the original CA27.cer to CA27.cer.bak (for backup).

    Once you put the new CA27.cer in the dev_blind section restart your computer.

    When your ps3 is running again go back to your pc and run fckpsn.rb with the ruby application, what this does is nothing much different from fckpsn but automatically spoofs your console Id!

    Then sign in to psn, very easy no hassle! Thanks to Asure!

    Files for this can be found here:

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    matrixreaver Guest
    Do you still have to setup the IP, subnet, and Charles with this super easy way?

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    Starchild2k Guest
    I can confirm this as working 100% all I did was got the editable version of fckpsn and loaded the go.bat file like Asure described and was able to get online with no issues

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    matrixreaver Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Starchild2k View Post
    I can confirm this as working 100% all I did was got the editable version of fckpsn and loaded the go.bat file like Asure described and was able to get online with no issues
    So that's it? No ip or Charles tricks needed?

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    karai22 Guest
    i already replaced my CA27.cert but its still asking for an update before i could connect to PSN...

    btw, when running fckpsn.rb i just double click it and select OPEN WITH then browse for RUBY.EXE right?

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    Starchild2k Guest
    nope all you need to do is download this file:

    once you have downloaded this file extract it to wherever you chose and open the folder you have extracted (Fpsn_editable) and once your in the directory go to the bin folder and open go.bat and ur set! I have checked this on both the fat & slim PS3 and its fully functional! With this method that has been released I am almost certain this will be a permanent fix because how the PS3 responds to PSN.

    They can update all they want and with there updates all there doing is making sure to prevent people from playing 4.x games that's all and yes granted the CA27.cer file has changed but that doesn't even matter because we can always change this out on 3.55 and maybe further firmwares (DEX ONLY!!!) by using a Pup unpacker and repacker!

    The PS3 is only limited on what it can do and the real solution to fix this issue is to release another system (PS4) the ps3 has a method of connecting to PSN what has always been the same all along but the updates only make slight differences to the way your PS3 communicates with PSN (CA27.cer, X-Platform Version, etc) which you can easily intercept with Charles Debugging Proxy and then go as far as using RubyDNS.

    RubyDNS is the source of FckPSN or even PS3DNS its more a less a local DNS server your setting up and with Charles Debugging Proxy or RubyDNS (.RB FILES) you can edit how the traffic goes between your ps3 to psn.

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    karai22 Guest
    it's working, i forget to change my PS3's primary and secondary DNS to my PC's IP address

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    matrixreaver Guest
    Sweet, that answered my question... thx

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    Starchild2k Guest
    I forgot to mention that if your running other services that uses port 80,53, or 443 you will run into problems! I was running a VPN and I had to shut it down when running FckPSN cause it was using a port required in FckPSN! Troubleshooting is everything when messing around with networking and sometimes it may seem hard to troubleshooting but as long as you have patience your good to go!

    #matrixreaver ya know that's crazy I kinda know what your going through or may even been through! I just recovered from a DEX to CEX brick and I used a oldass Ipod video 5G with Rockbox and a Psgrade Payload to fix the issues! Man I've been so busy with the ps3 it isn't even funny!

    WOW kinda off topic on the last post LOL!!!! It is what it is PS3NEWS peeps!

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    matrixreaver Guest
    Lol yeah I read so many ways to do it that they all just got mixed up in my head... but now that you gave me a better understanding of how it works, I'm good now... so many things you can do now on the ps3 since the last time I checked, information overload...

    I know a lot more about networking than the average person but there's always ppl that seem to know so much more... thank you ps3 scene and thank you again, much appreciated!

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