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    Got it to work perfectly. Took a while for it to finally connect to psn the first time but once it did it ran smoothly ever since, thanks.

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    Sep 2010
    Is it possible to sync trophies with this? I'm upgrading my ps3 hdd today and i'd like to save my trophies before that... I'm still on 3.41 and i'm thinking about going kmeaw 3.55 way and this to sync trophies before changing disk. I guess that's the only way to save them.

    Thank you.

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    great program.. like the name, works good but not noob friendly.

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    I feel so left out (brrrr). All I have is my macbook running 10.4.11 osx. No one (including myself obviously) seems to know how to get this running on mac without using VM which is not functional on 10.4.11. Guess it's time to use the old tax back for a new pc. Is anyone looking into a mac tut or are we left out in the cold as usual?

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    I can't see the /dev_blind/ folder inside my ps3 in ftp even thought the pkg file says it is mounted and asks me to unmount it. Did i do something wrong? cuz i did as the steps said.

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    just can't get it to work.. still get the message a system update is required. do you want to update now? any ideas? thanks

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    It's as easy as...

    1. Get in your car. Turn key to start.
    2. Drive to the store. Get out of the car and walk in.
    3. Walk to dairy isle and grab milk and cheese.
    4. Walk to meat isle and grab turkey.
    5. Walk to bread isle and grab subrolls.
    6. Drive home. Get out of the car and walk in.
    7. Remove items from bag.
    8. Open and layout subroll.
    9. Install cheese and turkey.
    10. Close sandwich and pour milk.

    Sure, it would be easier to have a sub shop deliver, but come on.. Even the newbs need to learn to feed themselves at some point. If following my ten steps, someone can't think to grab a cup before they pour the milk, maybe they shouldn't even be in the kitchen.

    Great works on the apps devs. Keep up the great work.

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    I got the same message when I had the wrong ip address..

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    I like this analogy

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    Didn't you forgot a few steps? Or did the method just got easier? ^^

    Fiddling with a FTP client into you Ps3's Flash isn't noob-friendly at all! Ok, it's quite easy and quick to do for someone used to computers. But a single click .PKG would be noob-friendly, as opposed to start two apps on your computer, another one on your Ps3, and replacing a certificate...

    Furthermore, several people in this thread are struggling with this, and for some it seems that it doesn't work (they probably just did a step wrong, but still...).

    So, to sum up, this is the easiest way, ok. But, definitely not as easy as it seems for everyone, and of course not noob friendly ^^

    I'll probably try it tonight to check it out.

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