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    Sep 2010
    never seen that error before, although i think it has been patched. cause i wasn't working for me, would like someone to confirm if it has or not

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    I keep getting an Error on PSN, 80710A06 any help ? Please ??

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    Dec 2010
    Would be awesome to have following features:

    "Manual Input" or "external editable settings-file" for:

    1) the FW version to be spoofed
    In this case we could set our FW for future updates & no need to wait till someone recompiles it.


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    Dec 2010
    NOOOOOOO FckPSN stopped working now??

    Is it true???

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    8002A224... But if OFW is still on 4.25, they simply spotted how to filter the logins... right? sniffing the packet detecting the spoof and going into null0...

    So i'm not the only one...

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    Dec 2010
    I think its the console ID spoof. so if we can get the new CERT into Charles & go with our real consoleID...?

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    Yes new certs could possibly do the tricky, i don't know how the spoof is being done,and how it generates the id it sends... i spent too much time with wireshark to lose my mind in the few hours of pleasure i have in the rest of the day lol

    So i'll stick with the need of a version 9d of FP

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    FckPSN sends a blank console ID so Sony probably just made it to where any requests from consoles with no ID can log in...

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    So it's correct to say that FckPSN is no longer working for the general cfw public, correct?

    Since i still can't find much information about it.. i was wondering if it was not just a bunch of ban's?

    well.. if the consoleid goes blank (i thought it spoofed to something else never sniffed the traffic to be sure of it)... and we all get the 8002A224 so its off right?

    Well exchanged to my certs and psn asks for upgrade, so fckpsn certs went bye bye...

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    Oct 2006
    Yip, FckPSN down for me too

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