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    Hi, I can't get this to work either unfortunately. Tried both versions of install from above posts.

    After I change primary and secondary DNS I can no longer connect to the internet through the PS3

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    From 3.55 kmeaw

    Hi, I'm on 3.55 kmeaw and I do not want to play online- I just want to get some of the latest PSN games which were not leaked. And some Rock Band songs too. Which method would you recomend for me, this or rebug?



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    neither will work

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    This rules

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    Hope this method will work for a long enough period of time!

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    any fix for playing fifa 12 online?

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    playstation network its broken again, on their website the green icon is yellow and says partially available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scorpi00n View Post
    any fix for playing fifa 12 online?
    I tried editing the Param.sfo, it would connect but I wouldn't be able to find anyone to play with and always gives me an error when I invite someone.

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    fckPSN may give a lot issues because of:

    - 80, 443 and 56 ports are in used.
    - NAT issue (probably most of you guys might be already on NAT3 because youre NAT within another NAT(since most of us is using a router), in worst case scenario, if youre ISP is using a transparent proxy server, this will give a lot of headache)
    - firewall issue

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    did everything still got error when trying to connect to psn. fckpsn works well on my pc and it establish connection with ps3 but nothing, just an error 80710007.

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