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    andorcan Guest

    it only will work half way. I can connect to PSN, but don't use PSN. for example. i log in and try to download a demo wont work. same in playing a game on, i'll get disconnected =(

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    PiMpD Guest
    Well.. i'm using WIN7 Ultimate .. the ps3dns app gives me an ip that is different from what whatismyip.net gives me. I'm using wireless connection.. if I say the ip that the ps3dns is wrong .. it shuits down when i eneter what the site gives me.. if i say IT IS CORRECT.. it STILL shuts down on me. I've completed all other steps and still no psn access. I am on KMEAW's CFW. Any help would be appreciated. Thx in advance.

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    jenneboy Guest
    question, what is my :Set the PS3's SECONDARY DNS server to your actual DNS server (e.g. router)

    i use a switch.

  4. #24
    PiMpD Guest
    I set my secondary dns server using the following.. cause i was unsure too.

    START>CMD>ipconfig /all

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    jenneboy Guest
    Thx man works great!

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    msr Guest
    Of course they will find a way, just enjoy it while it works, thats all you can do.

    For me i have a ps3 just for online so i never use these things.

    You take your chance, and its your choice.

  7. #27
    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Whatsmyip gives you your PUBLIC IP address which is no good in this case - you'd need your local IP (which is in a majority of cases different from public one) and usually starts with 192.168. you can find it out by using ipconfig at command prompt.

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    tremendazo Guest
    it works for me!!!

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    nunracer Guest

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    tremendazo Guest
    just wanted to say thank you for this app!!! btw MVC 3 online is fun as hell.

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