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  1. #281
    Senior Member elser1's Avatar
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    whats different from this and rebug cfw psn update?

    anyone know?

  2. #282
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    Rebug has patched the prx with the new pass phrase. These tools edit it via a mitm attack on the fly.

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  3. #283
    Can we get new DLC with this ? Or PSN games ? Or do we get the install error ?

  4. #284
    I don't know, can't know. Older games might be OK.

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  5. #285
    I got an error with psn: 80710A06

    According to posts psn is down for maintenance whilst the PSN site itself says its online -.-

    Any help ?

  6. #286
    lordv the proxy application provided by this is not a MITM Attack. The application just act as a translator who translate one communication to another communication, no attacks were involved, just spoofing.

    jamstar probably because your PS3's MAC address and consoleid is not matched, note, this application does not clone or spoof mac address (or maybe, not possible within GameOS environment, since the mac address is embedded on the hardware itself) this might also raise the chance of your PS3 get ban, since the paired consoleid and mac address is not matched. Or possibly, the spoofed console id is used by too many users.

  7. #287
    my psn is fine in aus.. just downloading all the kool free plus games this month..im so glad we got em here in aus too.. gotta say thanks sony for once.. LOL

    i love ps3!~!

  8. #288
    i've got them all already

  9. #289
    Lol haven't seen this in a while

    Wtf wasn't Max Payne 3 just released and there's already a patch out?

  10. #290
    i think i made everything right but when I try to login on psn the connection times out. anyone knows how to solve this problem??


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