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Thread: FckPSN v0.3 - Another PS3 CFW 3.55 PSN Bypass Application

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    spawnofjago Guest


    I agree, but in theory they can block anyone with no consoleID coming in but if the consoleID is present they can just ban you. "no methods are really safe" holds water.

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    stopmybeat Guest
    Alrite guys, this is great news, lets say we get banned, we can change our console ID and email address, what about our trophies? we lost them or can we recover them? I just need some insight on this. cheers

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    nikola989 Guest
    any new bans after this maintenance? i was wondering is sony obligated to send me email or they are just nice? which of the users on my ps3 will get email? all of them? or first one? or one that uses psn?

    would anyone explain to me how does fpsn works? ps3 is using pc as proxy to connect and pc is spoofing new firmware version? can sony disable console if they see modified certs on it?

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    dyceast Guest
    Is this still working after 3.60?

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    JiNYx007 Guest
    I don't know if anybody posted anything yet but its not working for me anymore. Get error 80710A06, regular ps3 with 3.60 can sign on no problem.. tried with kmeaw 3.55 regular and with 3.60 spoof just to say.

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    DemonSeed Guest
    Looks like 0.5/0.6 isn't working now.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    there's "scheduled sporadic" maintenance on PSN today so it could just be down at the minute or they might start blocking people. Either way we'll have to wait until the "sporadic" maintenance window is closed to know for sure.

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    NoZart Guest
    just came home, 0.4 and 0.6 now give an update warning for kmeaw (spoofed to 3.60). worked fine yesterday.

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    DemonSeed Guest
    barrybarryk: alright, will hang ten on this

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    Apr 2005

    FckPSN v0.7 and v0.7b Arrive with PS3 4.11 PSN Spoof Support

    Following up on his previous updates, today PlayStation 3 developer drizzt84 has released FckPSN v0.7 followed by bugfix v0.7b which adds support for the recent 4.11 spoof that allows PS3 CFW users to access PSN.

    Download: FckPSN v0.7 for PS3 / FckPSN v0.7b for PS3 / Drizztbsd-FckPSN-V0.7-1-g1dab30f / / RubyDNS 0.3.4 + Fix for Ruby 1.9.3 / / Dev_Blind.pkg / Dev_Blind.GeoHot.pkg / CA27.cer / GIT

    • CA27.cer, dev_blind.pkg, FckPSN-v0.7.exe
    • OpenPS3FTP v1.3 or later


    v0.7b: Should fix problems with Kmeaw, geohot, or any other CFW (Windows/Linux instructions have also been updated).
    v0.7: Add support for 4.11 spoofing
    v0.6: Use an empty consoleid. Warning: be sure to get my 0.6 version
    v0.5: Add support for firmwares older than 3.55
    v0.4: Don't use PS3DNS anymore

    • Install dev_blind.pkg and OpenPS3FTP on your PS3 (using FTP, external USB or what else)
    • Launch dev_blind and make it mount the flash
    • Open OpenPS3FTP
    • Connect via FTP to PS3 (using username root and password openbox)
    • Go to /dev_blind/data/cert
    • Rename CA27.cer to CA27.cer.bak
    • Put my CA27.cer as /dev_blind/data/cert/CA27.cer
    • Set the PS3's PRIMARY and SECONDARY DNS server to your PC's IP address
    • Reboot your PS3
    • Start FckPSN-v0.7.exe
    • Enjoy with PSN


    If you have followed the OLD guide you need to rename the original CA27.cer to CA27.cer.bak and (my) CA24.cer to CA27.cerand you have to restore the old CA24.cer, by renaming CA24.cer.bak to CA24.cer. This is needed since some games use the original CA24.cer. If you lost original cert, you can take it here (above).


    Q: FckPSN does not start or prints "Address already in use" as error
    A: Close anything that is using port 80 or 443, try also to close skype and to disable ICS if you are using it.

    Using under Linux
    • Download source code
    • Install required gems with gem install rubydns rainbow
    • [Workaround] If you are using Ruby 1.9.3 you need to use a fixed RubyDNS version with wget && gem install rubydns-0.3.4+ruby1.9.3.gem
    • Launch FckPSN: sudo ./fckPsn.rb
    • Enjoy

    Developers Section

    Build EXE (Windows only)
    • Install Ruby for Windows (
    • Install eventmachine beta gem install eventmachine --pre
    • Install required gems by opening the "Ruby Command Line" and typinggem install ocra rainbow rubydns windows-pr win32console
    • [Workaround] If you are using Ruby 1.9.3 you need to use a fixed RubyDNS version, so download and install it by typing gem install rubydns-0.3.4+ruby1.9.3.gem
    • Launch: ocra --icon FckPSN.ico FckPSN.rb data\*
    • You will have FckPSN.exe file

    From Twitter (via!/drizzthacks):

    Instructions for Linux / Windows updated at GIT (above). Fixed repacked version for Windows of FckPSN v0.7 uploaded. You can use it with kmeaw, geohot or any other cfw! There is a problem with ruby 1.9.3. I'm releasing another release for Windows with the fix. Under linux:
    sed -i 's/make_requester/make_udp_requester/' ~/.gem/ruby/*/gems/rubydns-*/lib/rubydns/resolv.rb
    [imglink=|FckPSN v0.7 and v0.7b Arrive with PS3 4.11 PSN Spoof Support][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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