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    Jan 2011
    isn't working. It wants me to update..

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    Sep 2010
    i got it work, i found the mistake it was all the time my Anti virus ESET software who block this app from firewall. i disable this and wala it works

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    Jan 2006
    I am on 3.41 with PL3+3.50 spoof and this works 100% WOOT i am now on PSN again with 3.41 THIS IS SWEET!!! =P

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    Won't this alert Sony to consoles that are using fckpsn because no console id is registered. i would think this would be a quicker ban.

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    Does that mean you can go online in a jailbroken ps3?

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    I Keep getting "An error has occurred. You have been signed out of the playstation Network (80710A06)

    Any help please, On the playstaton test i get and IP and a internet connection, i am using Win 7 64bit.

    Thank you.

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    Nov 2010
    I am getting a 80710D23 error the first time i did it i got a welcome message, now i cant sign in at all. try reseting everything, still nothing. anyone else getting this error, or does it mean ban?

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    I was also thinking that. Now sony gets empty id. Using 3.56 spoofer, PSninja and fckPSN v0.5 sounds safer metod to me than 0.6.

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    Oct 2010
    no methods are really safe, but I think their thinking is if they don't know the consoleID how are they going to ban it.

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    console ID or user ID? is there any way to spoof 3.45 on 3.41 and is there some apps like PSninja for 3.41. i tried psninja but it's signed for 3.56.

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