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    Sorry about the noob question. Which one is my pc's ip address? The one i found in cmd, the one i found by clicking on "local connection" or the "wireless' connection? I'm getting 3 different numbers after ipv4.

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    Jan 2011
    WOOHOO The biggest baddest update of them all.

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    can someone post a quick run through video? i'm new to this process thanks.

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    1. install dev blind package on ps3
    2. run openftp 1.3 or later
    3. place files in required folders (see readme)
    4. run ps3dns and fckpsn

    5. goto --> settings column on XMB --> internet settings --> New connection --> advanced --> when it gets to dns, enter:

    -your computer's ip address (IE XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX)
    -Router IP address (I.E. 192.168.X.X)

    6. Sign in to psn.

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    Jan 2011
    ok this is my first time doing this and i think i have everything right, but when i try to sign in its asking me to accept the new tos. do i hit ok or am i doing something wrong?

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    yes that's right, accept and you will be connected to psn.

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    i thought since we are still on 3.55 we wouldn't get this message.

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    Surely it's not a good idea to connect with a blank console ID? You'd stick out like a sore thumb, itching for a wallop with the Sony ban-hammer!

    I'd stick with v0.5 for the time being.

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    dude there in no folder (install package file) on my ps3. so help plz, what can i do?

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    Works on Hermes 3.41, right?

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