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Thread: FckPSN v0.3 - Another PS3 CFW 3.55 PSN Bypass Application

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    Zentsuken Guest
    Wow, have I been out of the loop for too long? Didn't even realize people were still hopping into PSN. Isn't an instaban if you try going on PSN with CFW? Scene moving too fast!

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    avojps24 Guest
    okay so does it still spoof the console id if you remove this piece of code? if so, do you mind uploading your edited version. MY text editor does not seem to be working under debian.

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    ninjanutta2 Guest
    no bans yet if you take care with your setup.

    i.e ps ninja and spoof 3.56 etc, i've been online the whole time with this method.

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    FMAranda Guest
    avojps24 If you remove it will not spoof the console id, of course. You can use the 0.5 version, which does exactly the same function as the 0.6 without that part of the code.

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    smellykid101 Guest
    have you gotten an email before? and what cfw are you on?

    i've gotten an email from sony, but i don't know if i've actually been banned yet. i had psninja, wipe history, numerous emulators and backup managers. waninkokos v2 3.55 with the geohot together. i did the early version of fckpsn (before the little app was realeased) any suggestions what i should do? i was thinking of formatting and tryin to setup whatever you have. can you help?

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    FMAranda Guest
    I attached the update, I didn't compile it for Windows. For Linux users, just replace the fckPsn.rb.

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    haze67 Guest

    latest compiled windows exe from fckpsn git

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    insomniacc Guest
    Hey not sure if this is the same as above. But I built this one with the no-consoleid that FMAranda posted.

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    FMAranda Guest
    Yeah, I think is not the same, the version above shows as 0.5 and the file that I posted shows 0.6.

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    insomniacc Guest
    It is 0.6, at least thats what it says when I have it running. Either way maybe it'll help someone out.

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