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Thread: FckPSN v0.3 - Another PS3 CFW 3.55 PSN Bypass Application

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    ih8Jelsoft Guest
    Huh? How would you do that? The only way to connect is to have your PC pretend to be Sony's authentication server. The SSL certificate that gets replaced in the PS3 lets it think that your PC is really $ony.

    Charles Web Debugging prog performs the MITM by modifying the headers to change your f/w version to 3.56, and feeds the PS3 with a fake update_list that tells the PS3 that the current f/w is 3.21. So the PS3 connects. $ony can stop this in a second.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Good to see drizzt84 is still into it, although he got post from Sony lawsuit. This seems to be a very easy version how to do it, and no risk to brick instead of installing an other CFW. Will give it a shot this afternoon.

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    clubsoundz Guest
    Question, if i get it on my ps3, it 's possible to play hacked gamez online? or only my org. games?

    sorry i'm a newbie

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    Wootzy Guest
    I just did it. Worked like a charm. Took me 10 minutes. This is the best, most simple workaround ever assuming 2 things.

    1. My console doesn't get banned
    2. Sony doesn't find some way to stop it from working

    Either way, for now IT WORKS. GREAT JOB and PROPZ.

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    am33r007 Guest



    As long as you don't power off the PS3 you just do this once

    1. Install the Two Packages. (Just click)
    2. Launch the first one. (Just a click and It does the Mounting itself for you)
    3. Launch the second one. (To manually rename a certificate takes seconds)
    4. Set the DNS same as your PC IP. (Takes seconds)
    5. Done. Now Reboot your PS3, Start PS3DNS.exe and Start FckPSN.exe. (You basically click a few buttons)

    Start PSN

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    I'm sure he/she was refering only to the part of installing the cert file - simply by using a "dedicated" pkg file / app to do that (or even more advanced one which would alow you to toggle between original and replaced cert any time you want) rather than fiddling "manually" with ftp and so on. Then all you'd need to do would be to change your DNS settings and run 2 apps on your pc

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    Wootzy Guest
    Does anyone know HOW this works? In other words, will Sony be able to fix this instantly or with another update? Or is this a pretty bullet proof unfixable (for Sony) PSN workaround? Or in other other words, IS THIS A PERMANENT FIX?

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    Jes03 Guest
    I doubt it can be fixed with an update as all we would do is not update.

    Maybe, nope I'm not even going to say what I was thinking not like a lamer on twitter. Not pointing any fingers to a big mouth COUGH (Mathieulh) COUGH...

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    ih8Jelsoft Guest
    I literally just posted the answer to this above. No, this is ridiculously easy to defeat.

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    gensuke Guest
    Meh, instead of playing with the flash, they should leverage on this:

    Perfect for altering the packages while they go through and undetectable.

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