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    The incoming Ban wave by Sony is most likely due to the changes in this certificate. This is not stealth AT ALL.

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    LMAO... that is so wrong it's funny.

    I got the "oh-so-scary" e-mail tonight and I haven't been on PSN in months. I never used this bypass method... just the old DNS spoof back when 3.42 hit.

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    This is amazing, I will try this out later tonight. Can't wait.

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    Hi! 2 questions:

    1 - The install (v3) worked perfectly for me. So perfectly Sony sent me their nice email last night. Just wondered if v5 is an update to counteract this or anything? Can't seem to find a changelog.

    2 - I got an error yesterday that I had been kicked out of psn while playing a game using this method. Right around that time, my cable internet service totally died - provider is now saying it will take 3 days to recover, it's not on my hardware, it's their side - I know this is very very most likely a pure conincidence, but just wondered if anyone else had had connectivity problems after a kick?


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    If you got the error code then you have been banned from PSN. No it doesn't have to do anything with your service provider.

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    First of all, i would like to thank everybody developing this and specially for the mac tools. You don't know how happy i was after 20+ hours messing around with the dns server on Parallels desktop/windows when i finally saw some dns traffic on my mac. But when i try to log in at psn, it ask me for a update. Fckpsn.command shows this:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    As far as i can tell i installed everything right, without error's (instructions were very clear). Is there anybody who can see what i did wrong? Any help is appreciated very much.

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    don't do this, waste time because you will get kick out PSN and ban... so what is the point ? wait for the new hack or fix.. but likely never because sony somehow always find out your are using CFW.

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    Thanks for the advice. Maybe i am lucky that i'm not succeeding. I was just hoping that somebody would see if the outcom of fckpsn.command was correct or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewAJ123 View Post
    Having trouble changing the CA24.cer filezilla is not letting me rename the file or overwrite it any tips?
    Unmount the dev flash, restart your PS3, mount the dev flash again. This should give you delete/rename rights. You should then be able to use Filezilla or Cuteftp to overwrite/ rename. Use the geohot flash dev if the one you're using doesn't work for you.

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    is this still working.. any bans yet because of this?

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