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  1. #171
    crazelunatic Guest
    i get a permission denied error when i launch fckpsn 0.4 but i can't format as i have certain things on my win 7 i don't want to wipeout + i dont have vista 32bit.

  2. #172
    mohammedessam Guest
    Use virtual machine so you won't have to wipe anything

    Try this one: virtualbox.org

  3. #173
    PiMpD Guest
    I used Virtual Machine and it DIDN'T work for me.. so craze.. backup whatever is on your C drive that you wanna save and make a drive partition for your OPERATING SYSTEM ONLY.. like a 25GB C:\ drive or something. Never save anything to it except program installs and the OS... use the rest for important saves/downloads.

  4. #174
    rayman1ray Guest
    I have a problem with all the this. I did everything by the book with the tools..they all work fine but the problem is that when i try to create a account i always get a error The connection to the server has timed out...same thing happens when i try Use existing account... Can anyone help me with this ?

  5. #175
    crazelunatic Guest
    don't know i tried virtualbox but it still won't run and i don't want to bother formatting my pc drive... Perhaps i won't get hit with the banhammer and ill have to stay offline until another psn login ban solution surfaces

  6. #176
    Studs Guest
    Sorted now!!! I didnt unmount the dev-blind! now on MAG!

  7. #177
    barrybarryk Guest
    lol not exactly mr. current affairs are you, might want to check out the PSN bans thread or your email inbox.

  8. #178
    Studs Guest
    Meh. if i get banned i get banned. Just means sony just lost out on more cash from me!. The only real reason i go on psn is to buy add ons. Only play MAG when i can. (when the misses goes to bed! )

  9. #179
    usman20045 Guest
    hi guys, i badly need help i am on cfw kmeaw 3.55 and i tried this method and it work i can play online but i don't know what i have done i just lost the voice of my ps3. i rebooted it few and even puted the orignal cert back in the ps3 flash but no luck plz someone help i don't wanna play without sound.

  10. #180
    crazelunatic Guest
    well fckpsn 0.5 is out and it uses a different cert.27 but i still cannot get this program to run properly and i'm beginning to think it has something to do with the way my router is setup but i can't pinpoint what the problem is exactly so if someone looks at this pic and has any ideas any help will be appreciated (i'm also willing to give info about my router, just ask what you'll need and i'll post accordingly)

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