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  1. #141
    mohammedessam Guest
    No, When you restore nothing will be removed from your hard. It only resets the settings.. Nothing has changed for me.

  2. #142
    madasahat Guest
    I have wireless win 7 64bit and had trouble with fckpsn.04 but .03 works well for me.

  3. #143
    PiMpD Guest
    dude.. the ps3 itself says 'will format HDD'.. sure i won't lose anything ? games? movies? etc?

  4. #144
    mohammedessam Guest
    you should select reset SETTING not reset the whole drive.

    it's exactly at settings->system settings->restore default settings

  5. #145
    crazelunatic Guest
    mohammed how did you get fckpsn. 0.4 to run on windows 7 64 bit?

  6. #146
    Jes03 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by NCSUfan View Post
    Anyone care to share what goes in ALL FIVE of the IP options for ps3 side?
    IP addy - automatic
    Primary dnas - PC IP
    2ndary dnas - Router IP
    subnet mask - automatic
    default router - automatic

    everything else automatic.

  7. #147
    crazelunatic Guest
    alright might as well ask since i can't get ps3dns or fckpsn to work on my windows 7 64bit with .net framework 4.0 installed. Can somebody perhaps integrate fckpsn to work on the ps3 itself??

  8. #148
    mohammedessam Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by crazelunatic View Post
    mohammed how did you get fckpsn. 0.4 to run on windows 7 64 bit?
    Right click then run as administrator.

  9. #149
    PiMpD Guest
    I will tell ya this.. I installed windows xp virtual mode on my win7 32 bit cause the fckpsns don't work there.. 0.4 runs in virtual mode.. i have restored my ps3.. ipconfig works better in xp mode.. and i've tried all combos of said values in my dns options and the user up above with probs on ip. don't manually input them on the six lined option.. that's auto, wait til dnd servers comes up for manual not that it works for me. that's just where they are.. here are my ip options from ipconfig if someone wants to suggest what and where i put said values feel free.. i will try one more time.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    keeping in mind that the ip provided is the ip for my ethernet port on my pc and the ps3 is not connected there since its wireless.. and i've used my public ip as well.. it connects to the internet just fine but still requires update for psn. crappy

  10. #150
    mohammedessam Guest
    By the way if you have Norton then it won't work. All you have to do is disable the firwall and the antivirus and run the program then enable the antivirus and the firewall again.

    That's right. This is what I did.. Choose every thing auto exept the DNS servers.

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