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Thread: FckPSN v0.3 - Another PS3 CFW 3.55 PSN Bypass Application

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    crazelunatic Guest
    hey chillidawg it might be askin for a lot but do you mind sending me windows xp mode and virtual pc because i'm on an unauthenticated version of win 7.

    sorry admins i couldnt resist the DP but this is driving me insane, ive turned off windows firewall completely and i dont get the windows security pop up when running fckpsn 0.3 or 0.4 but both programs will crash regardless. Ive installed .net framework 4.0 and that hasnt worked. + ps3dns still crashes for me after me hitting y in response to it asking me about my pc's ip address

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    mohammedessam Guest
    Fixed it. Works perfectly. All I had to do is go to system settings and reset the systemIt will ask you that are u sure u want to reset the system press yes. It will restart after that and then go aged and copy the certificate again to the proper directory.

    After that go and set the Internet settings and it will work for sure. Thanks for the developer, I used version 0.4.

    By the way I'm using win7 x64.

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    PiMpD Guest
    is anyone doing this wireless ? cause i just got fckpsn .4 to work on xp virtual machine.. with all the listening values being ?? i know the ips are correct.. but seriously.. does all this have to be hardwired ?

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    mohammedessam Guest
    I'm on wireless booth ps3 and laptop.

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    PiMpD Guest
    what are your listening values displayed in the cmd window of fckpsn.. and what are your ip values in the ps3 ?

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    MystikalDesigns Guest
    Does this require 3.55 CFW or can this be done on Hermes 3.41 CFW?

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    tonybologna Guest
    It's not a good idea for advice on closing out programs like anti-virus from PC. I know people are trying to eliminate problems but why would anybody advise people to close out programs that protect your PC from unwanted content?

    That being whether for a short period or not. I guess I'm sounding too picky but I have read a few posts about disabling these type programs. I just don't think it's a good idea.

    You can't get on PSN with 3.41 so you'll need 3.55 CFW.

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    mohammedessam Guest
    On CMD the listening walueas are
    On my ps3 the first DNS is my pc ip which is
    The second server is my router ip which is
    Good luck to every one

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    thebomb5 Guest
    What I just found out is PS3DNS.exe will conflict with with FckPSn.exe so only one can be run at a time. if you have PS3DNS open FckPSN.exe Will crash and vice versa.. What i did was i skipped having to open PS3DNS.exe and just opened FckPSN.exe and everything worked. So if some of you are having problems logging in to PSN try just using FckPSN.exe only and not using PS3DNS.

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    crazelunatic Guest
    i can't get windows xp virtual machine because of activation removal i have on my windows 7... any ideas on getting fckpsn 0.4 or 0.3 to run on win 7 64bit?

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