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    FBANext PS3 Emulator WIP Screens and Features, Coming Soon

    Update: An FBANext Test Version for PS3 is now available for the MC68000/Z80 arcade emulator, which runs at full speed with sound thanks to Lantus... more details are posted HERE with the Source Code HERE followed by FBANext PS3 V1.0.0, FBANext PS3 Test Build r386, FBANext PS3 r399, FBANext PS3 r406 and more updates HERE!

    The PS3 developers at French site Logic-Sunrise have been hard at work with the FBANext port for the PS3, and today they shared some screenshots with a list of features to the be implemented.

    They also said in the coming weeks they are going to release a working Beta with full 1080p support and 60fps like with the XBox 360 port.

    To quote, roughly translated: And now, the job development are continuous way, and it is now fifteen SPF obtained by running the CPS2 ROMS.

    A first beta of FBAnext PS3 will be presented in a few weeks time to make the emulator playable, with a target of 60FPS in 1080p, like its counterpart 360.

    Place the screenshots, and arm yourself with a little patience for the first release rears its nose.

    - Support for Roma Capcom CPS-1
    - Support for Roma Capcom CPS-2
    - Support for Roma Capcom CPS-3
    - Support for Roma Cave
    - Support the Neo Geo roms
    - Support for Roma Sega System 16 (and similar systems), System 18, X-Board, Y-Board
    - Support for Roma Toaplan
    - Support for Roma Taito 68k
    - Support for Roma Psikyo 68EC020/SH2
    - Support for Roma PGM
    - Support for Roma Konami
    - Support for Sega Megadrive roms (savestates are not supported)
    - Support of Other Roma (as the creator liked)
    - Support comlete sound and graphics
    - Supports Multiplayers (1 to 4)
    - 100% speed, with most graphics filters
    - Supports savestates
    - Ease of use through a simple interface
    - Support for almost 3000 Roma
    - Support for screenshots Titles and Previews
    - Roms filterable
    - 13 filters graphics software
    - 2 filters graphics hardware
    - Aspect Ratio Function
    - Support for Dip Switch
    - Configurable joystick Buttons
    - Source code available
    - Supports 16 / 9 Street Fighter 3.2 (CPS3)

    FBANext PS3 Emulator WIP Screens and Features, Coming Soon

    FBANext PS3 Emulator WIP Screens and Features, Coming Soon

    FBANext PS3 Emulator WIP Screens and Features, Coming Soon

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Great work, can't wait for the release.

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    Sep 2010

    Big Grin

    oww street fighter alpha.. i love this, how do i get this!!

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    You can't this atm as it is a WIP. We will have to wait patiently

    Awesome news though. Homebrew scene is definitely picking up pace now.

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    this is great. How can i run this when it is released, do i need that ps3 jail break? I seen so many different ones which one should i get if i need it to run the emulator.

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    Sep 2010
    This is it, Things are getting seriouse. Way to go PS3 developers.

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    Jun 2006
    So what system is this? MAME sounds right? Would love to play commando, twin strike, & snow bros. on my ps3.. droools.

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    Sep 2010
    Another great news!! Waiting for this emulator because I love Capcom Arcade so much

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    Oct 2010

    Big Grin

    Oh Man! This is great news, this emulator will be maximum wicked!!

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    Omg, this means i can play Metal Slug in 1080p, such great games !!! I Love THEM !!


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