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Thread: FBANext PS3 Emulator WIP Screens and Features, Coming Soon

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    Ne0z Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by biohazard55 View Post
    can someone please tell me, how can i play metal slug with red blood ?
    Howdy biohazard55.

    Ok what you want to do here is click down on the R3 button (right analog stick) once you have Metal Slug (or any other game) running. You'll now be in Test mode. Scroll down to "Setting up the soft dip" and hit X. Now go to "Slot 1 Metal Slug" and hit X.

    Here you'll see a bunch of options including how many heroes you get (up to 99) and blood. Just set blood to "On" by hitting X and you are good to go. To get back to the game, hit [] square twice then scroll down to Exit and hit X.

    Remember, you can do this for many games, not just Metal Slug.


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    biohazard55 Guest
    Thank you very much, now i can really enjoy metal slug

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    Apr 2005

    FBANext - Test Build [r386]

    FBANext - Test Build [r386] is released. Changes from the ReadMe file:
    Compiled by CaptainCPS-X and released with Lantus blessing

    Note: This release is not final, so you may experience bugs.
    Source Code:

    PS3 - added PIC1.PNG

    Core - merged in IQ_132s PGM WIP code. Thanks CaptainCPS-X ! Note: kov/olds were broken - fixed, however kov2 does not run - investigate

    PS3 - added In Game Menu and Button Mapping screen

    PS3 - added key map definitions

    PS3 - slightly reduced sleep time on pause

    Core - fixed sound in d_powerins

    Core - fixed sound issue in d_mitchell

    Core - fixed endian issue in d_blockout

    Xbox - displays detailed error message if rom doesnt load

    Xbox - added proper rom auditing back in..ps3 is next

    Xbox - no longer reset d3d each time a rom loads

    Core - working sound on d_tnzs.cpp

    added shaders folder for linux build

    Xbox - removed DebugMsg() call

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    lithium210 Guest
    i'm confused.. v1.0.0 then r386?

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    Yea, apparently v1.0 was the release version number and r386 is the SVN test revision number... when they have a non-test (buggy) update they will likely restart with the normal numbering I imagine. Reminds me of when MAME went to .100 and confused a lot of people.

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    ness151 Guest
    On certain games (Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 are the only one's I've tested so far that have this problem) I'm unable to get button mapping to work, for example the Down/Up/Left/Right dpad can only be mapped for player 1 (meaning if you modify it, you don't get the option to map those directions on either controller), and player 2 can't have R2 mapped (if I try to map it, it says circle is mapped, and if I try other buttons, it shows a hex code of 0x40*, * meaning a random number.)

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    Mobutu16 Guest

    New r397 version - Src to compile

    Core - inverted Space Harrier control fixed

    Core - nFMInterpolation a 1 defect.

    Xbox - Arcade Stick configuration modified

    [NO registered events]

    Core - d_gradius3 anow works!

    Core - d_gunsmoke fixed

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    Another FBANext Emulator update... Changelog:

    Core working d_raiden driver
    Core Nec CPU endian fixes

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    lordfenixnc Guest
    where do i place the NEOGEO BIO cause i have it in a zip and placed with the roms.. but i keep getting a error trying to load the games... says graphics not found.

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    solrac1974 Guest
    Somebody knows the right folder to put the roms? I tried many options and none worked:

    - dev_hdd0/ROMS/FBA
    - dev_hdd0/game/FBAN00000/USRDIR /roms
    - dev_usb0/FBANext-ROMS/

    I even tried editing the xml file to put paths and didn't work either! I got the roms from a respected site and many other people tested them, all roms working fine. What I'm doing wrong?!

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