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Thread: FBANext PS3 Emulator WIP Screens and Features, Coming Soon

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    BwE Guest
    awesome only had minor issues with some roms not starting properly.

    other than that its good. BUT i realised some people without access to ftp or the ability would have issues with this.

    i suggest one of the standard settings have usb as a directory for the roms

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    ModderFokker Guest
    Just played some metal slug

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    ness151 Guest
    Beat SFIII, works great! Can't wait for Button Config!

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    dvdrdiscs Guest
    This might be a silly question but what is the difference between FBA and MAME? Would FBA run all roms that work under MAME?

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    FleetwoodSho Guest
    This just refuses to work for me...

    I have my Neogeo roms in their zip files on a folder in my USB stick named "FBANext-ROMS" along with the bios, and it still doesn't detect any roms...

    What gives?...

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    zeromx Guest
    Try to get the latest version of the romset and make sure it's for FBA and not mame.

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    FleetwoodSho Guest
    Okay, thanks, that last part must be it...

    The first roms I downloaded, I didn't know which emulator they were for, then I tried the MAME versions to no avail... I keep forgetting about FinalBurnAlpha, which makes me feel stupid now lols...

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    hackerxide Guest
    ha, just to think we can just about port anything to the ps3 now, someone should port a cheat device to the ps3, like gameshark or actionreplay

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    Ne0z Guest

    Exclamation Howdy!!!

    Hey guys/gals! Noticed a bunch of folks having problems getting FBANext running because of rom incompatibility. Here's a link ( to all roms that run on the latest build.

    Hope it helps everyone with issues.. I have not had any problems what so ever since I grabbed it.


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    Edgardo678 Guest
    How do I install the roms?

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