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    Newbie limnique's Avatar
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    Jun 2006

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    Won't work, just exit to XMB

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    Mine did as well at first, I erased it off of the PS3 and reinstalled. I also noticed that I had accidentally put some .png screenshots in the same folder which I then erased. I'm not sure which fixed it, but it certainly works now

    Just make sure that you quit back to the XMB if you want to switch games. Everytime I tried to just switch to another it crashed the system and it had to be rebooted. Also, I'd warn against using the L1/R1 buttons to change list filters, because they also seem to randomly crash the system.

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    Jr. Member ness151's Avatar
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    Feb 2007

    Quote Originally Posted by alexrulz69 View Post
    Mine did as well at first, I erased it off of the PS3 and reinstalled.
    I've uninstalled/reinstalled 5 times, and formatted my stick a couple of times to no avail. I've even made sure to only include a few games just to test. no dice.

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    Contributor marc2590's Avatar
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    Sep 2010

    As an emulator fan its great to see more are being released

    P.S hmm i wonder if they ever finished that Dreamcast emulator that was a WIP

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    Jr. Member ness151's Avatar
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    Feb 2007

    I finally got it to work, now I just can't get 2 player functionality to work. Either way, great emulator!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeMoN064 View Post
    "Configurable joystick Buttons"

    Anyone know where can you configure the Buttons? OR is that feature not implemented on this release?
    No, this has not yet been implemented. This release was not supposed to have happened this way - this week or the week thereafter will see a new, official build with sound fixed (it is already fixed, just not committed), better CPS3 speed (no more slowdown at Street Fighter III New Generation's Ibuki stage), and most of the issues with specific systems (System 16) gone.
    Last edited by squarepusher2; 11-24-2010 at 01:31 AM

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    Newbie txusbm's Avatar
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    Nov 2010

    not found roms

    My FBAnext, tell me the error not found roms, it tells you can install the roms in the internal hard disk, I have installed in Dev_hdd0/roms/fba, but the emu, don't find the roms. I'm using P3GO. What I'm doing wrong?


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    ROMS have to be on a USB device in a folder called FBANext-ROMS as .zip files.

    Works for me.

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    Moderator PS4 News's Avatar
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    Apr 2005

    Arrow FBANext PS3 V1.0.0

    Another update to FBANext PS3 V1.0.0: logic-sunrise.com/news-180754-exclue-ls-fbanext-ps3-v100-1ere-beta-publique.html
    FBANext PS3 V1.0.0

    Logic-Sunrise is proud to present FBANext PS3. This is the first *official* release of FBANext.

    FBANext is a port of FBAlpha Version

    FB Alpha (formerly Final Burn Alpha), based on the original Final Burn source code, is a multi-arcade emulator.

    FBANext is a native port on the Xbox 360 and PS3 Platforms.

    Implemented Features

    - Full graphics/audio supported
    - Easy to use rom browser.
    - Option to filter on specific drivers
    - Option to hide clones
    - Option to only display 3 or 4 player games only
    - 60fps performance at 1080p for *most* roms
    - Pixel Shader support
    - Up to 4 gamepads supported
    - Rotate screen options
    - Hardware filter options (Linear, Point filtering)


    Place your roms in /dev_hdd0/game/FBAN00000/USRDIR/roms/

    The first time you run FBANext, a configuration file called fbanext-ps3.xml will be generated. This file will store your current options.

    If you wish to change your rom path, edit fbanext-ps3.xml located at /dev_hdd0/game/FBAN00000/USRDIR/ and modify the paths-rom element with the directory you wish. Please include a trailing slash at the end of your path otherwise no roms will be located.

    .Zip/.7z/.rar file extensions are supported.

    Rom Menu

    - L1/R2 Filter on different hardware drivers.
    - X Load and run the currently selected rom. If you receive any error messages during loading the rom, they will be displayed. Typically most errors returned are due to old or incorrect rom dumps.
    - Triangle Filter clone roms.
    - Square Toggle to display 3 and 4 player Roms only
    - Select Switch to options menu.
    - Start Will return to the currently loaded rom if there is one.

    Options Menu

    - Show Framerate.

    Yes will display the framerate counter. No will disable it (default)

    - Aspect Ratio.

    4:3 will display a correct aspect ratio with borders.
    16:9 will fill the entire screen.

    - Rotatation Adjust Options
    Rotate for Vertical Games.
    Do not rotate for Vertical Games.
    Reverse flipping for vertical games.

    - Auto Frameskip Enabled.

    Yes will enable frameskip. No will disable it (default)

    - Graphics Filter Type Options
    Use Shaders.
    Software Filtering.

    Note: Software Filtering is currently not implemented.

    - Current Shader. Option will cycle through the available shaders:


    In Game

    - L2 + R2 + R1 Pause/Return to menu
    - R3 Service Mode
    - L3 Reset Current Rom

    Currently Unimplemented

    - Button Mappings
    - Savestates
    - Software Filters
    - DIP switches
    - 68k CPU overclock option
    - Move codebase to PSL1ght
    - UI previews/titles/etc


    Most roms will work, however there are some bugs that have been identified.

    - Some CPS1 roms. Notably Forgotten Worlds will crash.
    - Performance issues/Bugs with Sega System16, Taito-Z and some other misc drivers are slow. Future builds will be optimized.
    - Misc crashes and other stuff.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Big Grin

    Amazing!!! Thanks to all involved.


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