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Thread: FBANext PS3 Emulator WIP Screens and Features, Coming Soon

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    OriginalXOR Guest
    Sorry to sound so dumb, but how do I apply these patches please?

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    rickyrolls Guest
    I wish I did just have a problem finding roms, I been up all night trying to install this. I am on 3.55 waninkokos V2 CFW. I have downloaded like 6 or 7 different versions, 2 have installed and then error when I try to load, the others won't install at all. I only see geohots CFW everywhere I look, did I mess up going from 3.41 OFW straight to 3.55 CFW?

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    insomniaddict Guest
    Yup. Install order is 3.41>3.55 OFW>3.55 CFW.

    To be honest, I didn't try geohots. I installed Kmeaw and everything has been working great.

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    Apr 2005

    FBANext r423 Custom v2 PS3 Emulator

    As a follow-up to his recent SNES9x update that included an HD version with shaders, squarepusher2 has also updated the FBANext r423 Custom v2 PS3 Emulator which now includes a Custom HD Mode as well.

    Download: FBANext r423 Custom v2 PS3 Emulator / Source Code

    FBANext PS3 SVN r423 Changelog:

    • Core - updated fm.c fmopl.c with to match latest mame.
    • PS3 - added triple buffer option (check options to toggle). Triple buffering
      will be stored in xml

    • A much faster graphics driver - try CPS3 and CPS2 games and feel and see the difference in terms of speed. Most of the input lag noticed by experienced arcade players should be mostly gone now.
    • Triple-buffering is hardforced to be enabled by default - together with the new graphics driver makes the framerate very fast.
    • Sysutil OSD is used for some parts of the In-Game menu, such as saving a savestate, saving a button preset, or generating a clrmame.dat file, and so on.

    Changelog for Custom r423:
    • New input code
    • HD shaders – as with SNES9x PS3, 4xSoft-HD looks the best

    Included is a diff patch intended for Lantus – so these changes can be carried over into mainline FBA.

    [imglink=|FBANext r423 Custom v2 PS3 Emulator Includes Custom HD Mode][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    khwaldeh Guest
    how can i get the roms work? the program still says no rom found.. i think must copy the roms to dev_hdd0\game\fban00000\usrdir\roms but how can i do that?

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    pegasus19 Guest
    You'll have to access it by FTP server or awesomefilemanager.

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    squarepusher2 Guest

    FBANext PS3 - Custom build v3

    Here is a new build of FBANext r423 Custom v3 PS3 MC68000/Z80 Arcade Emulator which now includes a big lag reduction among the changes and fixes outlined below.

    Download: FBANext r423 Custom v3 PS3 Emulator / Source Code

    FBANext PS3 - r423 - Custom - v3
    • Big reduction in lag - also a far more stable FPS as a result of this (due to elimination of virtual function call overhead when a class would inherit from a base class with virtual functions). You will notice the biggest improvements with fighting games for CPS2/CPS3 - but overall all games should benefit from this.
    • A new shader - tv-highcontrast-HD. This basically mimics the look of a high-end CRT monitor. Set 'Hardware Filter' to Linear and select a resolution lower than or equal to 1440x1080 to get the best results (if you have triple buffering on - else it's 960x1080 or lower for best results)
    • Fixed: A hang/freeze would occur after selecting a shader and then changing the resolution.
    • Fixed: You can now go back and forwards in the list when selecting a shader - press Left to go back one entry in the shader list, and press Right to go forward.
    As ever, I've included the diff file along with the pkg in the zip file. This includes all the patches I've done since the commit of r423 on Google Code. There will be a new release of SNES9x shortly with similar lag reduction (by doing the same thing - getting rid of virtual function call overhead).

    This has proven to be a big win so far - the only thing so far that has actually shown a substantial improvement/difference while trying out several PPC in-order optimization 'tricks'.

    [imglink=|FBANext r423 Custom v3 PS3 Emulator Features Big Lag Reduction][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    I have promoted it to the main page now and +Rep for the update squarepusher2!

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    HieiYYH Guest


    there will be cheat support?

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    Moolers Guest
    Thanks squarepusher2, FBANext keeps getting better and better. Well done.

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