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    tripellex Guest

    Arrow Fallout: New Vegas PC Pre-Order DLC Working on PS3

    Exciting news for fans of Fallout: New Vegas! Work on getting the Pre-order DLC from the PC version of Fallout: New Vegas to work on the PS3 version has begun and is showing promising results.

    To date, I have been able to successfully initialize and load the DLC packs (currently available on torrent sites) on a copy of the game for PS3, with some provisions. At this time, all the pre-order items are loading, and the game adds them to your inventory, but because of the way the .DDS and .NIF files are stored in the PC version, neither the models nor Pipboy icons are displaying.

    While this may not seem like much, this is a major step in getting both retail and custom DLC and mods running on the PS3 version. I am working with the recently released GECK update for FNV, and could use the assistance of an experienced person who is familiar with BSA file structure and ESM editing in GECK. Send me a PM and I will get back with you ASAP.

    I will keep updating this thread as progress is made, and will released a tutorial detailing how to enable DLC once the model/icon bug is worked out.

    Stay tuned!

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    Apr 2005
    I was going to move this to the news but see you're still plugging away with it, so we'll use this thread for discussion... looking forward to your tutorial also, which we can add to that section when it's ready.

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    tripellex Guest
    Hehe Thanks Boss. Might not take long, as I'm heading out to Wal-mart in the middle of the night to buy a copy of the PC version to work with, so hopefully I should have it up and running soon!

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    Apr 2005
    Heh, I remember those days of late night Wal-mart runs... at least it isn't for Black Friday yet, then you'd be in for a lot longer wait.

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    harveychan Guest
    Good luck brother, hope it works.

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    RaffieKol Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tripellex View Post
    I'm heading out to Wal-mart in the middle of the night to buy a copy
    I love shrink wrap machines

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    tripellex Guest
    Quick update: So, I've had a look at the ESM files in GECK, and from what I can tell, the missing files are referenced in the BSA files in the following manner:

    Caravan Pack, Lightweight Leather Armor, Male:
    NVDLCPre3\Armor\preordLeather\preordLeatherArmor.N IF (Mesh)
    NVDLCPre3\interface\icons\pipboyimages\apparel\app arel_lightweight_leather_armor.dds (PIPBoy Icon)

    When I initially extracted the BSA archive for CARAVANPACK - MAIN.BSA, the folder structure extracted as \meshes\nvdlcpre3\armor\preordleather\preordleathe rarmor.nif and \textures\nvdlcprere3\interface\icons\pipboyimages \apparel\apparel_lightweight_leather_armor.dds

    Now here's where I'm at in terms of progress: I am unsure if the PS3 version of the game is case sensitive when it comes to file paths, not to mention the ESM doesn't specify neither the \Meshes nor \Textures folder (see the below screenshot) in the file path, as they directly reference the NVDLCPre3 as root. Again, GECK/Fallout 3 modding is somewhat new to me, so if anyone out there is versed in Fallout 3 modding and ESM/BSA editing, I'd greatly appreciate any assistance you could render.

    Anyways, to make this post worth reading, here are some screenshots of my progress, showing where the items from the DLC are loaded and displayed in the PIPboy, and also showing where the icons and meshes are missing ingame. Babysteps, but progress is progress

    Here are some screenshots of my progress. I tried posting them in the post with descriptions, but because of the new way attachments are dealt with, I've had to attach them to the post instead. They're pretty self explanatory anyways

    Note that while the shotgun may not appear ingame, it does in fact still fire, so the only issue seems to be a filepath issue to the meshes/textures/icons.

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    tripellex Guest
    Found something else interesting: When trying to load any of the DLC ESMs. in FO3Edit, it looks for FalloutNV.esm, yet won't load it because the header is unknown. It looks for a header signature of TES4, yet finds a signature of 4SET (TES4 backwards). Hmm.

    Note: The FalloutNV.esm I'm using is the one from the PS3 version of the game, NOT the PC version, hence the odd signature.

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    barbnjason Guest
    Yeah that is odd as TES4 is The Elder Scrolls 4:Oblivion. Bethesda doing something funny?

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    tripellex Guest
    Not sure, Barbnjason. I think if anything they merely changed the header to keep the files from being cross-platform enabled. I tried taking one of the DLC ESMs and changing the header to 4SET from TES4, and it just stayed at a blackscreen while loading the game. I then tried changing the header of FALLOUTNV.ESM from 4SET to TES4 and reuploaded it via BlackB0x (after restoring the original unchanged copy of the DLC ESM), and still another black screen. So at this point, I'm at a loss.

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