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Thread: Fail0verflow PS3 Tools, GeoHot METLDR Root Key, GT5 Decrypted!

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    ICEMAN1999 Guest
    Wow! How much the PS3 scene has advance in such a small amount of time!

    Truly awesome work for every single person out that have chipped in!!

    To you all Thank you so much!!!

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    moja Guest
    Well, I figured out that the EBOOT I d/l for NFS is the USA version, but my disc is the EUR version (BLUS30566). Regardless, I did everything correctly, and as with my other game tests, no matter what game manager I use to load the thing I get a 80010007 error. I'm about to give up.

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    Apr 2005


    OK, I have now cleaned up this thread and we have made a new Sticky for PS3 Game EBOOT Files Rewritten for v3.41 and Requests.

    Please use that for sharing all modded EBOOT files and requests now. Any more posted in this thread will be deleted as we don't have time to keep moving them so use your brains before posting people.

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    R3b0rn Guest
    Is there any way to make a custom eboot of the GT5 1.05 update?

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    moja Guest
    Okay, the keys on the spreadsheet have been updated! Several of my keys were either missing padding or were wrong completely (I updated them yesterday before the changes).

    I have updated all my keys (exhausting and tedious) and added ones I was missing, including all the ctypes. I will figure out how to attach the archive and share them.

    Now off to redecrypting and comparing...

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    barbnjason Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by R3b0rn View Post
    Is there any way to make a custom eboot of the GT5 1.05 update?
    Not anyway known right now, see its a NPDRM self and with the tools that we have currently there is no way to use the current fix that is used on Retail EBOOTS.

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    R3b0rn Guest
    What blocks sony from using NPDRM on the eboots that are in the BRdisc?

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    barbnjason Guest
    Someone correct me if I'm wrong. The NPDRM is reserved for EBOOTs that are only intended to run from the internal HDD, i.e. Game updates and PSN store downloads.

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    R3b0rn Guest
    Ah so its PSN copy protection... figures Thanks for clearing this out

    The thing is that GT5 has worked extremly well for me, im currently at level 6 but... if i try to take a license as soon as i get to license B-8 it just freezes. every other license works exxept the b-8 so how am i supposed to get the license if i cant play that level?

    So thats why i thought that a update would make it work... maybe...

    I tried with disc and without , really strange thou :-/

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    bifnewman Guest
    excuse me if i missed something but where do we put the keys? i know its been asked before but its late and i have to go to school tomorrow so i cant go looking into the 39 pages of posts as much as i want to lol... is there a source code file that has variables we inject the keys into before compiling or what?

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