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    standardproc Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Valiant View Post
    I apologize in advance for asking since I'm sure at least a dozen people have already.

    Am I correct in assuming that I can just download one of the uploaded files and replace the EBOOT in the game and run it? Otherwise I'm rather confused with why anything but the tools and instructions have been uploaded/posted.
    Yes you can, however I believe you need to make sure that the eboot.bin you are downloading is the same region as the game (i.e. EUR, JAP, US) So if your game is Need for Speed Hot persuit - EUR then you will need to aquire a "3.41 compiled" EUR eboot.bin to match it. Most eboots that have been posted will tell you which region they are.

  2. #342
    deank Guest
    It is normal to have different size when there are COMPRESSED segments. At the moment the 'regular' patch method doesn't work for such EBOOT.BINs.

  3. #343
    Prince Valiant Guest
    Thank you. Wouldn't signed homebrew be illegal? Not that I really care about the legality in any of this.

  4. #344
    Link14 Guest
    And what about the GeoHot_1st.self file ? What does it do ?

  5. #345
    Mbb Guest
    Here is the eboot.bin for Red Dead Redemption - Undead Nightmare UE (BLES01179) credits: Ps3-sos

    Don't tested it yet because I need to copy it to my internal, will report if it works later.


  6. #346
    Bulldogzz Guest
    GT5 gets to the part where you see the sliver GT logo after choosing your screen height and then it just hangs on black screen, any help?

  7. #347
    hussienz Guest
    did anyone try red dead redmpition undead nightmare with EBOOT RDR UN BLES01179 is it work?

  8. #348
    Fusseltuch Guest
    Use the Mempatch-Mode og Multiman or GAI (Press L1 in Multiman)

    Does anybody know, if NFS:HP needs a new eboot.bin for Patch 1.01 ?

  9. #349
    Mbb Guest
    Sorry does not work for me

    Gt5 and NFSHP are working for me so I think this eboot.bin is not good

  10. #350
    Krachwas Guest
    Finally I think I did It!


    [Register or Login to view code]


    [Register or Login to view code]

    Hope that I got It.. can someone give me an unsigned EBOOT.BIN without syscalls or something like that so we could test it?


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