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    Oh, the irony.. !

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    As wonderful as it is to finally see this come to light, I believe that Geohot would still be sitting on this if not for fail0verflow. They forced his hand. As this was his "ace in the hole", and knew it would be ultimately be used for piracy. So he had to release it before they did in a last-ditch attempt for some fame and hopefully a tele from Sony HQ.

    Like someone who's found the cure for cancer refusing to share it with the world, instead opting to hold out in hopes the pharmaceutical companies buy you out instead.

    Not a perfect analogy, but jesus some things are meant to be free in the wild, for all to see and enjoy. Love him or hate him, spare me the flames because this is just MHO.

    Also, those pricks at Sony oughtta send him a fat check anyway seeings as he effectively delayed the scene all this time, to their benefit and delight. Unless that's what was going on to begin with.

    This, dongle-makers... wonder who/what's going to be the next roadblock to progress in name of the almighty $$$.

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    The flood gates have opened! What great news! Thanks to all of the developers/hackers for their work! Great job!

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    I've always felt he left the scene do to legal threats, or just ppl being dicks about the OtherOS stuff, i wouldn't be surprised if he had this way back then.

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    The root key release by Geohot was his New Year's resolution! Thank you Geohot! Great work from all of you developers/hackers! Thanks a ton!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ps3xbox360 View Post
    where do i put the keys?
    in ~/.ps3 directory

    like so

    [Register or Login to view code]


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    Nah, he just realized that all attention in PS3 scene is going to fail0verflow, so he decided to remind the community of his ego, so in the long run everyone won't be praising fail0verflow guys and thinking of egohot as a lame dick

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    Geohot is great, don't stop on sunday, thanks from Argentina

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dominator7 View Post
    that means that even v3.55 consoles can now be broken and flashed with custom firmware etc?
    i hope so! I imagine much more too!

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    lmao i have to agree , the guy is an attention whore , but kudos to his great work anyway!

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