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    Senior Member elser1's Avatar
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    i think it cained xbox 1 modded as ps3 unmodded... but now.. well soon.. oM g..

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    KaKaRoToKs Releases PUP Packing Tool

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    KaKaRoToKs has released a PUP Packing tool which allows anyone to recreate their PUP firmware files: twitter.com/KaKaRoToKS
    Just committed a script that takes an OFW and creates a CFW from it. Depends on fwtool which doesn't work right now: http://bit.ly/h3msuI

    Just pushed the pup packer code to http://github.com/kakaroto/ps3utils now anyone can recreate their pup files!

    p.s: this also means, don't try if you don't know what you're doing and don't install any pup since anyone can brick your ps3 with a bad pup

    Of course, it's copyrighted, i'll release a script that downloads OFW and patches it into CFW. RT @KDSBest will you release how you did it?

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    GT5 training and license is not working here. Hang the ps3 a loading track. Arcade is just fine. Anyone have the same problem? tested with pl3 3.55 and hermes v4b 3.5 spoof, bd on drive and with main data installed.

    thanks in advance

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    Gpup v1.00 Released (PUP Extractor/Packer) by superG

    1. Added hmac key support;
    2. Fixed filename support for latest firmwares;
    3. Added support for incremental ps3 update files (PS3PATCH.PUP);
    4. Removed xml configuration (now configuration is saved in binary file config.bin);

    Due to released decryption keys for selfs, today Iíve found HMAC key for firmware signing. Key is located in decrypted software_update_plugin.prx at 0x602E0 (I used dumps from 3.15 firmware). Iíve found it by bruteforce (thanks to full signing algo source from team0verflow). Itís funny, that while I was preparing my sources with sign key, Kakaroto already released the key.

    Here is source and precompiled windows version. For linux, you can build it with CodeBlocks IDE, project file included, but youíll need libboost_filesystem headers and libraries installed.

    gpup is currently fully finished, I performed some extract-pack tests of official firmwares, and it able to recombine all firmwares 1:1.

    Bug reports are welcome.

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    I had the same thing happen with PL3.

    I had to use Hermes v4 (without the version spoofing) not sure if that matters. I also had to delete the game data and let the game recreate it.

    Using the latest multiman, and patched mode (R1). Does not crash anymore in licenses, have done ~8 of the licenses without issue.

    I did have a problem (dunno if this is a GT5 bug) if you go in the GT5 options and delete the game data and turn off install then go to the movie manager thing and play the intro it crashes the game but not the ps3 ^^.

    Wish somebody wouldpatch the EUR version and update though as its smaller...

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    Those things are making me confused, let's see... What should I do to play GT5, NFS, etc. in the ps3? Do I need to download everything, I just want to play it.

    I don't understand about keys and tools.

    Can anybody tell me what to do?

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    Well i used the USA rls of GT5 and it works flawless! The only thing is that it tells me to update the game. Can i do that and not screw it up? Cuz its working so good, havent had a single issue, everything works perfect, licensing as well...

    Using pl3 nonauth with 3.50 spoof and denarr's multiman...

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    well, if i could figure out that tutorial that got posted i would upload some patched eboots.
    In eboot.elf, go to every encrypted metadata section (now decrypted), copy its data, and replace the encrypted data in EBOOT.BIN.
    This seems vague to me, i can decrypt the eboot.bin. Just can't seem to find the correct offsets to patch.
    If the game is a newer SDK version (like GT5, which is 3.50), in EBOOT.BIN, find the .sys_proc_param segment and change the SDK version to something earlier, such as 3.41. This will probably cause crashes in games that actually use newer SDK features that are not available in earlier SDK versions.
    cant find .sys_proc_param segment

    Anyone wanna help me out?

    edit: maybe someone will post a more detailed tutorial soon but in the meantime if anyone wants to help me out, it would be much appreciated.
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    Hey guys, so after doing a lot of reading on this hack and seeing how screwed sony is going to become from this. It got me thinking how long until we see some actual real piracy hacks?

    Also would these be as easy as the wii ones to use?? man that sucks for sony LOL

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    i made a custom firmware but its failed. tried a hybrid retail/debug 3.41 - it got close but it just wont launch.

    here's the install log.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    i've tried combinations of replacing and modding core os and then the entire update.tar.

    no luck. i give up


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