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    maybe, but it's always better to have one with 3.41 or 3.40 on it and go from there... at this point in time anyway. You can still get these out in the wild.

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    I am recreating the key files and I discovered that the app-key-341 included in the .zip is wrong (it's the same as app-key-350). Just a heads up.

    Also, what do I name the public key and curve files? Any help?

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    7. In EBOOT.BIN, change SELF header to indicate it’s FSELF.

    8. In EBOOT.BIN, change SELF section headers that are marked as encrypted to say they are not encrypted.

    9. If the game is a newer SDK version (like GT5, which is 3.50), in EBOOT.BIN, find the .sys_proc_param segment and change the SDK version to something earlier, such as 3.41. This will probably cause crashes in games that actually use newer SDK features that are not available in earlier SDK versions.
    Does anyone understand how to complete steps 7,8,9? I don't know where to look or exactly what to change.

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    PUPView Beta PS3 Firmware Tool Released by Ifcaro
    PUPView is a GUI application used to view and extract the contents of the PUP update files for the Playstation 3. At the moment it will only permit you to extract, but I also have plans to simplify the creation of new PUP files thanks to the new keys released
    I unpack two firmware files using PUP Viewer Beta by ifcaro.

    Files are: 2.10

    PS3UPDAT.PUP > download e verified with MD5 PSHasher 0.1

    PS3UPDAT210.PUP > i renamed only, but not download - its from BD-Game Hot Shots. MD5 PSHasher 0.1 do not identify version. OK no prob.

    I used PUP Viewer Beta by ifcaro to extract and discover in version.txt 2.10.

    Now the problem: In the PUP files size do not match, but decompressed all ok match.

    PS3UPDAT210.PUP is hidden something? Or just another $ony mistake?

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    If i have a 2.4 file i want to decrypt what key would i use i tried the 3.15 key and i get a 19mb file filled with 00. I am running the command.

    c:\decrypt-self.exe c:\eboot.bin c:\eboot.elf c:\315.appkey 0

    if i am doing something wrong please let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tarataqa View Post
    Does anyone understand how to complete steps 7,8,9? I don't know where to look or exactly what to change.
    7. see 1_fself.JPG

    8. see 2_encr_yes_to_no.JPG

    this one-s corresponds to these:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    it changes to this

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    Sad to see how a videogame system is hacked on the account of "taking away our freedoms" when actual REAL LIFE freedom is being taken away everyday and no one is doing ish about it, i think thats a lame excuse being used for hacking the ps3. There are alot of good reasons that could have been used, failoverflow is cool and all but i dont think they woulda ever got anywhere without psjailbreak, so to say it took so long because no one was trying to hack the ps3 because it could run linux is bs. Just an excuse to steal the thunder from psjailbreak/geohot.

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    there must be people jumping out of windows at Sony's...

    I'm kidding... wow, what a day, I just sat back played 30 mins of gt5 and now I'm waiting for the next big thing.

    something, like Dolphin perhaps...

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    Now I'm gonna start coding for ps3!

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    all i'm praying for is a nice collection of signed emulators, a port of XBMC with bluray disc support - and the ps3 will be one of the best deals for a HTPC...

    it will rival if not out do how great the xbox1 was when it was modded (emus and xbmc, but no HD content).

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