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    would be nice now to learn how to sign the already released homebrews so I don't have to jailbreak every time I turn on console.

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    What is Geohot's motive? He strings everyone along after he initially found the exploit without sharing any information. He decides to leave the scene because he was tired of the negative attitude. And after fail0verfl0w comes out with their finding, he suddenly reappears to share. For someone who was tired of the scene, he sure does love to stick his head back in as to say "hey guys, look at me!"

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    He hates sony because of something, we dont know why

    anyway signing is now possible, so expect a 3.55 'jailbreak' in a few days/weeks

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    If you read 'between the lines' from the statement on the web site, I'd say this is his way of sending a resume to Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

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    that means that even v3.55 consoles can now be broken and flashed with custom firmware etc?

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    well Sony cant change METLDR keys (I think, if i understand it right), so the console is theoretically fully open

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    Sony hasn't had a very happy new year, and i love how it says "watch the scene explode" as if it hasn't in the past week or so.

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    he had it all along (3.21OO days). he just waited for the scene to mature.

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    I congratulate everyone in this awesome day of Sony fail! It's so awesome, so I can't even describe in words!

    I really hope, that now somehow implementing MKV fomat will be possible on PS3 via players or natively. My fiancee's dad is going to buy el cheapo Samsung LCD and it does have MKV native support indeed, it's a SHAME PS3 don't support it.

    Also, implementing some file format as ext3 / NTFS for extarnal storage is going to be awesome. I don't think it's miles away, because Wii didn't have USB 2.0 compatibility, and now because of the homebrew it even has NTFS support!

    Long live hackers, Long live PS3!

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    so much win congrats to geohot and fail great progress.

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