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    i got this too. i assume we need keys. directory unself looks for keys is the ".ps3" directory under directory pointed to by HOME enviroment variable.

    so if HOME is i.e. c:/kdir it will look for dir c:/kdir/.ps3/

    do this, create unself1.bat file with this content:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    run it. but it still doesnt found keys, but progress is it gives different error.
    "self_decrypt_header failed" instead of "no key found"

    anyone got idea what is format of file or files with keys?

    Edit: you need to put keys found in keys.rar file download is: "PS3 3.15 / 3.41 / 3.50 lv2 app/iv keys" link in

    unpack everything and put it in c:/kdir/.ps3/ directory (or directory that matches your HOME env. var. combination i told you in my prev post)

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    do i need to boot gt5 and nfs:hp from a disc? my laser is bad. i looked through the posts and haven't found an answer.

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    hello.. some progress is done. now imagine anyone that sign/encrypt with 3.50 or 3.55 masterkey BackupManager or Gaia PKG....

    No problems on install on retail without jailbreak.. Maybe after that no more jailbreak dongles needed..

    That's the Future i Guess...

    Sony in this case will never know who has Backups on consoles... PSN ON!

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    I have tried both and they both work fine disc-less. I used Gaia manager and done clean installs. Nfs works off external HDD but GT5 needs to be internal. I also ran them disconnected from the net.

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    Pretty sure that gaia or any other backup manager can be signed and work without modification. Gaia uses some functions found in payloads that is not sony code. Everything has to be done with sony code, or externally linked.

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    Harry Potter And The Death Hallows Part1 (BLES00931)

    Fake! Zer0 file. Tested 80010017 error.

    Quote Originally Posted by imdbowlgod View Post
    do i need to boot gt5 and nfs:hp from a disc? my laser is bad. i looked through the posts and havent found an answer.
    NFS:HP diskless, 100% GT5 dont know, not tested yet.

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    i'm having some problems decrypting/unselfing my EBOOT.BIN, from what i understand from veritas' guide, in step 4 i need to put the following:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    where i have 350.lv2key in "C:\PS3Tools"

    i also have more keys (the ones extracted from the keys.rar file) in "C:\PS3Tools\.ps3" those keys are named "app-iv-350" , "app-key-350" etc

    however if i try unselfing, i get the following error:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    does anyone know how to solve this?


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    ...and geohot_1st.self is a real self, hello world although it's not NPDRM, so please wait to run... shouts to the guys who did PSL1GHT without you, I couldn't release this.

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    GT5 US version BCUS-98114 working on ps3 pal 3.41 with eboot.bin from here and hermesv4b, didn't need to disconnect internet just cancel update give game chance to load i FTP over to internal drive and been playing for 2 hours with no crashes amazing.

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    If games will be decryped for use on 3.41 still then we need a better way to downgrade these newer consoles even with 3.50 which refuse downgrade.

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