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Thread: Fail0verflow PS3 Tools, GeoHot METLDR Root Key, GT5 Decrypted!

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Would be good if you can link your found here. Just to make sure !

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    Krachwas Guest
    Yep, thats why it's so good that we have the Keys. We can pretend like we are "Real" Devs with the permission from Sony.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sagarp14 View Post
    I keep getting a key_get() failed error. Any help with this? I have the keys from the front page if that helps any.
    Be sure in that what you're trying to do, or try debugging the tools.

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    Sagarp14 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by vicx View Post
    sagarp if you could write a tutorial with your knowledge about how to make a pkg post it, or even better make a screen recording with voice i'd like to help!
    Well I have the source code of snes9x for ps3 (from squarepusher2). I also have the keys and ps3tools. Now I am running mac OSX (which shouldn't matter) and under terminal I am writing the command

    ./makepkg app-key-341 341 snes9x341.pkg users/sagarpatel/desktop/snes9x/snes9xsource
    Now I'm sure that I failed in the keys part. I'm just not sure how I am supposed to use the keys. When you enter just "./makepkg" in terminal I get this:

    usage: makepkg [key suffix] [version] filename.pkg dir_with_files
    What is supposed to go in place of key suffix?

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    vicx Guest
    i am not sure but something like encrypt and copy paste the app key plus i saw that ps3 are diffrent rev from rev0 to 7 until now i am not sure but this can affect your test!

    here :

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    Apr 2005


    That was already posted HERE by me via KaKaRoToKS.

    I will link it in the first post so it's easier to find, but I do hope everyone reads before posting as I don't want tons of dupe posts with the same junk over and over to sift through.

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    vish24 Guest
    I think the ps3 would have been hacked regardless of the removal of OtherOS. However, I think it did help to add fuel to the fire. I remember using Yellow Dog a while back and was it ever slow and crippled. Used it for a month or two and then realized how useless it is without any sort of hardware acceleration or decent processing power.

    I want to thank all those that put so much hard work into this and I hope we can soon have a linux distro with full hardware access.

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    Suizide1 Guest
    i don't know if anyone forgot but can you please decrypt red dead redemption undead nightmare? or maybe explain to me how to decrypt? thanks

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    Ihatecompvir Guest
    What keys would you need to decrypt PS3 savegames that are encrypted? This is what I want quite a lot. Uncharted 2/MGS4 savegame hacking, anyone?

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    zhaoyun123 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Krachwas View Post
    It will work for every Firmware. For sure!

    Just be a little patient, the Dev's are working on it

    I think we will have to sign existing PKG's (GAIA Manager or some other Homebrew you like) with the keys belong to the firmware we wan't to play on. Or we have to recompile them with the SDK, I don't really know, I would try but I'm not at home
    thanks for the reply!! Man i'm relieved and also read about GT5 working already also NFS:HP, GREAT WORK!!

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    Someone stoleit Guest


    Has anyone managed to sign homebrew such as a loader or emulator as of yet, I know everyone is working different things since we got the release of the keys and it sounds like leaps and bounds overnight so it's mostly a curiosity thing!

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