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    So $ony is lost now? We can edit the firmware updates and insert the payloads into that?

    If im right this would never happen if sony didnt touch/remove OtherOS, so basicly they destroyed themselves

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    Quote Originally Posted by rumblpak View Post
    not exactly, the xkcd comic was kind of a joke. it wasn't that it returned the same number it was that it used the same random number twice making it computationally possible to calculate the unknown. I'm sure the number changes but when you can calculate it every time it doesn't really matter.
    Yeah you are right in technical terms its inaccurate, however in the end the meaning is the same the random function is not random and therefore the key is calculable.

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    Sony's RNG - Can't believe that, in the end, they got owned by such an epic human error.
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    3 minute video clip from the talk where they talk about the crypto "problem" and the keys so the most "essential" part



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    hmmm so essentially it would be possible to completley dump the GameOS (or modify it) to run str8 linux, & then be able to runs games from linux? if so that is what i have always wanted.....maybe somone could port one of the newer kernels of linux, that take the addvantage of USB disks as "system memory" (kinda how when you plug a usb stick in a win 7 pc, it asks would you like to use this disk to speed up the system (system cache/memory)

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    its so frikking awesome gj all involved

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    Quote Originally Posted by daGraveR View Post
    Breaking News: Suicides at Sony's PS3 dev team through the roof
    Lol, ya they must have all done a group facepalm at the least.

    this is huge. I hope it really means what I think it does.

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    a mirror for the video clip: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=USTLHRM7
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    someone is doing harakiri in sony's team


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