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    According to a few people on IRC, this game actually has 3.41 on it not 3.42 FW so ya... possibly a red herring but 3.42 titles are bound to surface soon enough.
    Formula.1.2010.PS3.JB-RiSq - 3,65Gb

    Parece que tá rodando tranquilo! Sem precisar atualizar!!!

    Country......: Europe Languages....: English
    Release Date.: 21/10/2010 Store date...: 24/09/2010
    Format.......: JailBreak Size.........: 39 * 100 MB


    Have fun!

    Game info:
    F1 2010 is the next game in the Formula 1 franchise bringing new features and multiplayer options.

    You know what to do, If not learn!

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    Well guys it was fun while it lasted! Hope the hackers can do somthing bout this.

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    Hi everyone,

    I have not been able to chat further with this person since seeing the scene release. It seems like the game is in fact working.

    The submitter may have had problems with his disc or a bad dump. I try and think not everyone is full of crap

    Sorry for any confusion we may have caused.

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    The game is working perfectly, its tested in and no problem.

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    Having an internet connection isn't even relevant since games have the update on the disc.

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    Exclamation 3.42

    I definately agree that's the type that makes them go after this issue. I'm especially perterbed being a newbie just ready to install the mod and of course i was stupid enough to update to 3.42 so now i cant even do it for now. I was angry enough when they took away my "other OS" option that was uncalled for.

    Thank GOD for all you dedicated dev's working on this hopefully wont be waiting too long, I wish sony would see how much more money they made with the ps2 after mod-ability. I guess that the nature of the corporate beast though.

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    I'm here to confirm that, at least, the version of the game I own (EUR) works just fine under 3.41.

    I just tested myself 15 minutes ago, so yeah FAKE.

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    Ummm, isn't the jailbreak supposed to be able to block updates?

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    So is it that the report was false and the game does not have a on-disc 3.42 fw update and that's why it works, or are you saying that it does in fact install 3.42 and that jailbreak is still working with the new firmware?

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    i don't care if the firmware will be updated, why because the system will be cracked more and more day by day.. so just sit back and play some sony only titles and be happy till more hits the scene.

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