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    EZPayloadToTi: Make PSGroove Hermes and Kakaroto Payloads

    Today DJpopol on PSX-Scene.com (linked above) has released EZPayloadToTi v1.1 along with some updates below which allows PS3 JailBreak users to easily make PSGroove Hermes and Kakaroto payloads.

    Download: EZPayloadToTi v1.1 / EZPayloadToTi v1.3

    To quote: With this you can make payloads (Hermes & Kakaroto).

    You must compile the payload's source before.

    How-to use:

    1. Select .bin file.
    2. Give it a new name for your payload (8 characters required).
    3. Click GO.
    4. Now, you should have a new file, whatever name you gave it, ending with extension .8xv

    Changelog for v1.1:

    - Supports payload Kakaroto.
    - English translation for languages other than French.
    - The destination folder can now be chosen.


    - Now You Can Choose Name of Kakaroto.8xv
    - You Asked To Choose Bin File Than Payload's Compiled Folder. It's done.
    - But Be careful if the Bin Filename is different than hermes's Bin or Kakaroto's Bin. (You'll Seen Payload Unknown). It do the same than To8xv.exe.


    * Kakaroto support update
    - before you can choose just 3.41,3.15,3.10,3.01 Versions.
    - now you can choose any versions(if you have the bin's file)

    * If the soft don't know bin's filename, it ask you if it's kakaroto's payload, else it will create .8xv file like To8xv.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    tonybologna Guest
    Thanks for sharing! I'll check it out!

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    probumba Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tonybologna View Post
    Thanks for sharing! I'll check it out!
    ok what do you do with it? i have a ps3break dongle.. how can i use this tool to make a pl4 version that can be used in my dongle?

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    daveribz Guest
    It's for TI-84 calculators.

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    facelift Guest
    any guide on please how to make a avr maximus PIC18F4550 Hex ?

    thank you

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    Trish Guest
    This is a tool to automate the payload creation for TI calculators. This does not work for any other device, be it dongle or dev board.

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    jackzhou239 Guest


    So great. I will give it a try!

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    Huskypaw Guest
    Are you sure this only works for Ti-84 calculators? Since a version for Ti-89 Titanium has been released and I totally don't know how to create a firmware compatibility file for FW 3.30..?

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    Fr33m4n Guest
    What exactly does this do that the official "to8xv" app does not? Seems slightly pointless to me.

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