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Thread: Error with Backup Manager

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    Meshuggah Guest

    Question Error with Backup Manager

    Hi everyone !

    I have a problem with the backup manager. I installed the .pkg file on a test console successfully (with a 3.41 patch).
    I can launch the program and make a copy of a game normally but when I go on the manager again I can't launch the game whether it is the blu-ray or the backup one.

    The manager just quits and I get an error message : Game quits - no request event.

    Anyone has a clue ?
    Thanks in advance !

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    cvp Guest
    yeah thats normal. I try this to. But the Version without the Jailbreak Stick is only to see how works the Programm, nothing more!

    i cant understand how its working. We know that the Programm copy all files to /dev-hdd0/games/(Bles?)xxxxx/gamez but if you want to start, comming a error massage. I Think the programmer what editiong the original backup manager, has only try to remove the asking for the stick. Some says the stick make the "magic" work.

    Is the Debug Version on Retail the same like the original Debug Test/Tools unit?

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    luix Guest
    have the same problem, wheter i use the normal manager.pkg nor the special-debug-version manager.pkg. get the same error!
    i have made my own "magic" stick. used an atmel usb stick and the psgroovecjpc hex file. i tried it at my retail ps3 unit, everything works fine, i can backup a game and load it with success.

    when i use the dongle on my TEST unit i only get a black screen at startup, so guys we NEED a special TEST/DEBUG UNIT dongle to successfully launch backups with the backup manager!!


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    cvp Guest
    have you access with the PS3 SDK or TargetManager on the Retail if he is in debug mode? if yes, can you copy the SFo and Eboot file on the folde and copy back ob your debug console... maybe its work.

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    randalf Guest

    Psjailbreak not enable sp-int mode when this started, with ettercap to sniff the connection there are only references to NP, you can not login with an ID created from a debug PS3, in this respect there is no difference with a retail ps3 without psjailbreak, or so it seems.the port 1000 is closed, (is being used for communication with the host pc) does not allow using dtnetm or TargetManager to connect pc-ps3.

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    shummyr Guest

    Jailbreak Eboot's

    Theoretically once an eboot is dumped with psjailbreak, couldn't you take the eboot, replace the files and create a proper .EMU or ISO for a master disc on a test?


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    p666 Guest
    Yes, you can take PS Disc Generator and create an ISO from a backed up game. I tried this It makes you re-encrypt (the tool seems to do this on iso creation) the EBOOT.BIN and other files you put in it if they are backed up / non-encrypted ELF's. It would be interesting to see if this ran on a Test unit.

    This may be a method of working out how EBOOT.BIN is encrypted.. For instance if it is at all possible to isolate the location of the eboot.bin in the ISO (encrypted), then compare to non-encrypted form, the method of encryption may be possible.. obviously this may require quite advanced cryptology knowledge.

    Other possible method is to observe in memory what PS Disc Generator does in taking the files to produce the ISO. Again if the encryption process is done on the fly by the actual generator then...

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    pasky Guest
    So the patched backup manager for debug units cannot even run backups? That's disappointing to hear. Has it been confirmed if fake-signing the eboot allows the manager to play the game?

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    luix Guest
    how to fake sign the eboot.bin?? do i have to replace the eboot.bin with the debug version of the eboot.bin??

    by now i have used the patched version of the backup manager, but games don't load;-(

    can someone help me out please?


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    pasky Guest
    Yes, it's discussed in one of the stickies

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