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Thread: E3 GoldenFinger PS3 Cheat Code System for Card Reader Arrives

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    E3 GoldenFinger PS3 Cheat Code System for Card Reader Arrives

    Yesterday we saw PS3UserCheat from PS3Break, and today the E3Diy Team have announced their E3 GoldenFinger PS3 Cheat Code System for the E3 Card Reader USB device.

    Below are the E3 GoldenFinger details from their site, as follows: We are E3diy. Do you forget your E3card Reader? Today we will bring you a new surprise, a complete FREE gift, the E3 Golden Finger.

    Three months ago, there was a war that engulf the world. It's not only the war between SONY and hackers but also among the jailbreakers.

    You know, there were three kinds of jailbreaks: those could not be upgraded, those the clone of the clone of the clone and those big-ones which could downgrade the PS3 firmware from 3.50 to any lower version. Those of the three. That was three months ago. And now, how many of them can still be named?

    I don't want to mention that we were the one who had fistly cheated the PSN with a 3.5proof then made the SONY change its strategy; I don't want to mention that we were the first one who had released the world's first unlimited downgrader for completely free meanwhile some smart guys tried to sell their promise but made everyone upset.

    I just want to say, hi guys we are still here, we still work for your joy, and other than these, nothing is important.

    Currently, E3 GoldenFinger support genuine games (check game list), and the supporting for ROM is coming soon. You can download the E3 GoldenFinger by click here, and read the user guide below.

    Armed with the E3 Golden Finger means that you could have:

    - Unlimited ammo
    - Unlimited HP and MP
    - An undead body in the game.
    - Teach those big-guys who truly is the right BOSS.

    The only thing you need is to:

    - Download the free upgrade file
    - Plug your E3card Reader in your PC
    - Copy the upgrade file(GoldenFinger.bin) to the E3Upgrader driver
    - Copy the CFD folder into the 4M memory stick(E3_4M_STICK).
    - Please refer to the user guide for the useage.

    Then everything is done. For your joy, we will

    - Bring more new features to you
    - Add support for new games ASAP
    - Try to make the next surprise for you quietly. ^_^

    Have a good time. E3 - make Everything Easy and Efficient

    E3 GoldenFinger User Guide:

    Prepare Stage: An E3 GolderFinger (upgraded from the E3card Reader) The target genuine game disk

    Step A: Plug your E3 GoldenFinger into the PS3 USB, the one near the CD-ROM

    Step B: Repower the PS3, Press the Power-On button and the CD-ROM Eject button with in one second. After entering the XMB, move the menu selection to /app_home/PS3_GAME, then you can see the E3 theme background.

    Step C: Put the game disk into the PS3 CD-ROM Driver, then you can see the game selection.

    Step D: Start E3 GoldenFinger program, the target game will be showed automatically. There are several choices, what are you waiting for? Select them all!

    The Final Step: Press the start button on your joystick, system will return to the XMB, launch the game, what you may see? Have a good time buddy!

    [imglink=|E3 GoldenFinger PS3 Cheat Code System for Card Reader Arrives][/imglink]
    [imglink=|E3 GoldenFinger PS3 Cheat Code System for Card Reader Arrives][/imglink]
    [imglink=|E3 GoldenFinger PS3 Cheat Code System for Card Reader Arrives][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    elser1 Guest
    if you have no skill and need to cheat you must suck, you are a noob... why play ps3... you are an xbox man...

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    51N15T3R Guest
    sometimes using cheats for offline (single player) makes some games more fun.

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    gygabyte666 Guest
    I agree with both replies above. Cheating online is lame and totally inexcusable. However, cheating on a single player campaign can make a second, third or twenty-fifth time through a game more enjoyable. Besides, who doesn't love feeling like a god once in a while? Using NPCs is pretty sweet too. I'm all for this idea and I hope someone can port it using open-source code soon for everyone to enjoy for free.

    As long as it stays offline, I credit this as a good thing. Afterall, there are certain great games I still play for previous titles that are just less painful to play again using cheats. Too bad this idea probably will flop once Sony hears about it. Achievments and Trophies have killed all cheat devices for this generation it seems. I don't see why this won't suffer the same fate. Sony doesn't want anyone getting "free" trophies. >_>

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    fyygame Guest
    What is the different from the playing from PS3 game HDD? I can play the PS3 games directly from HDD after jailbreak.

    I go to learn this goldenfinger. It is the game cheat.

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    ltjg22 Guest


    Can you use this if you are not using the stick for jailbreaking? I updated to 355 jail break, but would love to have a use for the stick, I never play online so I just want to use it for fun.

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    Brenza Guest
    Ps3 with cheats is no more ps3, screw off E3Diy Team!

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    mateuszss Guest
    This shouldn't be ever released.

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    WheedWhack3R Guest
    That's cool. if its offline only though. and all you haters forget that if it were not for game cheating/hacking GTA San Andreas would never have accessed the hidden mini game "hot coffee". I also loved being able to spawn cars, motorcycles and harrier jets at the push of a hot key.

    Also lets remember the Code Breaker gave us access to the hidden camo and face paint on MGS 3 that was exclusive to Australia only. Think about what you are saying before you say it. Cheating offline is and always will have some advantages. Just cause you don't like having fun with games you already beat 10+ times doesn't mean you have to try and be the fun police.

    And imagine the orange box mods/cheats, Like the portal gun in the regular game, or making your shotgun fire 1700 pellets instead of just 7 like normal. The gravity gun mods were also extremely fun. I know some of you wine because cheaters hurt your feelings online, but offline its awesome. It adds new fun to games you have beaten.

    Replay value people. That's where it's at! I always play through once with no cheats and after I play a game like say for instance "Singularity"or "Dark Sector", my weapons didn't carry over for the next play through. SO I would have to cheat to play through the beginning or earlier levels with my updated and advanced stats and weapons just to see what it would be like. now that is a legit reason for such a device right there. Don't hate the statistician, hate the statistics!.

    Before you anti-Cheat advocates tell me to get a life, Just remember I don't need to get a life! I'm a gamer, I have lots of lives!

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    Arrow E3 GoldenFinger Releases New Cheatlist with PS3 HDD Game Support

    Here is another update from their page for those interested:
    Nothing else could worried E3diy team more than that the news of "E3 GoldenFinger support ROM games" may probably be considered as a fool's day's joke. So everyone in the team have tried its best to win the time.

    Finally, the new upgrade package is released just several hours before the deadline. New cheatlist is also released. You can download the package by click here (, check the user manual for ROM supporting by click here (

    Here is a lame joke for the fool's day: A go without saying feature that A PS3 GoldenFinger should support both Fat and Slim console at the same time is supported by E3 GoldenFinger in a go-without-saying manner perfectly.

    Happy fool's day, both in the real and the game.

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