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Thread: E3 Flasher for PS3 is Coming from Team E3DIY with Dual-Booting

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    didin Guest

    e3 ode file

    I find the e3 file in sd card ode, perhaps there is a need.. here is the link:

    From Abkarino: Hi, i had downloaded this file and it seems that this is an unecrypted version of Linux OS that runs on top of E3 ODE Pro!!! And also it hold the database files with keys for a supported boot disk also. Could you please inform us how did you obtained this files? Do have access to its source code? Could you offer more details/files about this?

    BTW i had downloaded this file and looked into its content and it seems this it is not a complete Linux distro for this embedded system E3 ODE Pro.

    From zecoxao: that's a dump of the e3 ode iirc. and no, it's not fake.

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    E3 Releases Statement About Changed Parts on E3 ODE Pro

    Today E3 released a statement about changed parts on the E3 ODE Pro below, as follows:

    How to tell if you have a new PCBoard, and What models you need to make the change for!

    There was a lot of confusion after the E3 Team said you needed to change some small SMD parts on the PCBoard to allow v1.2 and higher to work, now the team has issued a statement to clear up that confusion.


    The russian version E3 ODE PRO installation manual and operation manual added in the download page (attached below).

    The E3 ODE ISO TOOL v2.0 updated in the download page (attached below).

    E3 ODE PRO Update
    • E3 OS v1.22 for 2XXX-3XXX USER
    • E3 OS v1.21

    • E3 ODE PRO Installation Manual
    • E3 ODE PRO User Manual v1.1 (English)
    • E3 ODE PRO User Manual v1.1 (中文)
    • E3 ODE PRO Installation Manual and operation manual (Russian)
    • E3 ODE PRO ISO TOOL V2.0


    Some user want to know how to indentify the E3 ODE PRO mainboard is new batch or old 1.0 version. If there has red color on the pcb as picture showes, it means new batch 1.2 version from factory.

    As fact, it is necessary for only 4K 12G console user to exchange that four components. We are sorry take problem for those users even the affected user rarely. Any 1.0 mainboard user can exchange the new 1.2 mainboard free from his reseller.

    E3TEAM won't do irresponsible things like JB2 give up his user and change to another pious face. From E3 CARD READER to E3 FLASHER, and then E3 ODE PRO, we always do best to help user and provide positive solution.

    The PS2 ISO, BD MOVIE ISO, DVD ISO and PS1 ISO have run successfully on E3 ODE PRO, we will release the new update soon to allow all E3 ODE PRO user enjoy those amusing function.

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    patientGrim Guest

    E3 Flasher Help Please, Lady's and Gentlemen!

    Hello not new just in the back ground a lot. I dont like to ask a lot of questions in fact i don't think i have ever asked one. But I need help. So i was one of the impatient ones that downloaded rogero cfw 4.21 many moons ago. and my CECH-2501A Bricked, So i waited, well today i got my e3 flasher and card reader. I thought i had everything nice and ready.

    I got a samsung multi consul update.bin. put it on my micro sd card, and bam! all 8 lights turned on. Well i found out others were having this problem and fixed it with another update.bin...WELL! i have been threw like 12 of the update.bins and still the same results.

    All 8 lights turn on at once, and then the update.bin is gone from the sd card so i try and do a nor back up. Well lights 1, 5and 6 blink and the note file on the sd card says (start logging... backup PS3 to initialize E3 Nor.) Im sure this is because of the update.bin not installing. I assume I installed the e3 flasher well, i have done it like 6 times before doing it on my own. What am i missing someone please help?

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    unknown92 Guest

    no power on e3 flasher

    hey guys i have problem with this console its not my 1st i done 100+ consoles but this one made me mad ! i have phat console cechm03 installed the clip using foam method and got my backup and started the downgrading but somehow i lost the power its bricked now i soldered the tristate point to GND like always but when i power it up the flasher not working anymore no leds on nothing at all.

    changed the foam with new one nothing worked i have new e3 flasher package used the clip got nothing used the 3rd clip and nothing used the new one nothing at all it keeps bricking no leds i cant get connection from NOR clip to the flasher using the clip any one faced this problem before

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    akimazaki Guest
    Use e3 linker... solder to the point

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    unknown92 Guest
    thx bro i soldered it but it wont power up is it a motherboard issue ?

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    Another E3 ODE Pro Update

    Another E3 update, roughly translated: 2013-10-25

    Because of wrong operation of E3 ODE PRO, user update PS3 official firmware fail, and turn into upgrade cycle. This problem happened because user not turn E3 ODE PRO into the correct PS3 BD DRIVE MODE. Now user can turn the E3 ODE PRO into PS3 BD DRIVE mode for fix this problem even canít start PS3 correctly.

    The select mode on PS3 menu is not same for Europe and Asia console. The Europe user should Press X but not Press O to choose from E3 OS. We are sorry take inconvenient for those user, we will fix it in the next update of E3 OS.


    After the hard work of the last few weeks , the E3 OS v1.23 is now available for download.

    The important feature of this update is:
    1: One update program for all slim console now
    2: E3 ODE PRO mode and PS3 BD DRIVE mode is easier to switch
    3: More stability and faster speed.

    The new user manual v1.23 is also updated.

    More boot disc type is supported by E3 ODE PRO, user can download the keys file and follow the instruction.

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    Blizzail Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by unknown92 View Post
    thx bro i soldered it but it wont power up is it a motherboard issue ?
    Its suppose to all light up at once. And when it disappears it means the update was taken. As for the sequence of blinking lights, it's because your nor clip is loose. Tape a couple nickels on the back to keep it tight with the board.

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    Mantagtj Guest
    yep your nor clip is loose and I use a couple of pennies as i am in England PMSL, but seriously this is the most common problem with the E3 Flasher, the amount of times I have had to take the board apart to make sure the clip is installed properly, especially as the dyn-001 boards I seem to always flash have small resistors either side of the Nor !

    Once you have solved this problem, that is the main thing you EVER seem to face, oh cept putting the sd card in properly as its a right pain in the rear. Good Luck Buddy,

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    E3 Manager for E3 ODE Pro Will be Released Soon

    Below is another update on the E3 Manager for E3 ODE Pro which will be released soon.

    The E3 Team shared a short Video they produced showing off the fact the E3 Manager is coming. Basically it looks like they figured out how to copy the way Cobra ODE v1.6 works, which I heard in the grapevine that 3k3y team is also looking at offering the same type of 'ISO Management' options as Cobra originally started:


    We are pleased to announce that E3 Manager for E3 ODE PRO will be released soon.

    E3 Manager will give the user a variety of styles of operation and brilliant dazzling theme background. Of course, like simple -to-use user can still use E3 OS for normal operation.

    Here is E3 Manager demo video, the official version released soon.

    E3 Pro ODE


    We are pleased to announce that E3 ODE PRO works on the new super slim PS3 42XX console perfectly. We are pleased to inform you that E3 ODE PRO in the latest PS3 42XX series of ultra-thin machine worked perfectly.


    New videos of E3 ODE PRO are available.

    E3 Ode Pro 1.2 PS3 Ultra Slim 4k

    E3 video Ode Pro 1.2 Ultra Slim PS3 by riderfou

    Presentation of the operation of the chip PS3 E3 PRO ODE of Team E3. The chip E3 ode Pro allows playback of games in iso format, stored on a USB hard drive or USB flash drive support. No reboot of the PS3 as the video shows E3 Pro. The installation, however, requires an adapter QSB soldering on the motherboard of the PS3 Slim 2k5, 3k and 4k. PS3 Fat and PS3 Slim 2k are not snuff in charge because they are Downgradable CFW in via the E3 Flasher for NOR flash memory.

    Recall the specifics of the E3 Ode:
    • No Eject and enter game automatically
    • No restart game and enter Automatically
    • Works on slim console include 25xx, 3xxx and 4xxx.
    • Easy upgrade and easy use.
    • Homebrew supported
    • High quality

    Some pictures of the installation E3 ode pro 1.23
    • Ultra Slim PS3 disassembled
    • The chip, the ribbon cables, the qsb, cable power supply and USB port for connecting the USB media
    • E3 ode pro 1.2
    • The welds pretty qsb E3, is not it? yes
    • E3 adapter ode pro
    • Nice leds operation of the chip!
    • E3 chip ode pro
    • The chip in its place in the Ultra Slim PS3 4k


    The much anticipated E3 Manager is now available. In addition to bringing users a new operating experience and visual enjoyment, the unique custom features of E3 ico and background will bring more fun. The user need update E3 OS to 1.3 version to support E3 Manager.

    Numerous E3 ODE PRO user awaited E3 Manager officially released. In addition to bringing users a new operating experience and visual enjoyment, E3 Manager icon background unique custom features E3 will bring players more fun. Users only need to upgrade the E3 OS 1.3 to support E3 Manager.


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