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    E3 Flasher Question

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    I'm planning on downgrading my ps3 and know that I can get it to 3.50. My only question is, after I do everything with E3 does it have to stay in my console or can I just disconnect the clip from it reinstall my hard drive?

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    You can remove it. I did. But make sure everything works before you do. It's a pain sometimes to keep having to take it apart just to put it back in.

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    First thing is make sure your ps3 is a nor. And if it is get the e3. The clip can be a pain in the butt to get set on there right. And yes it can be removed. But once You use the e3 with that ps3 it will be married to that and cant be used to dual boot another ps3. Thanks.

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    Good Friend I have a ps3 slim cech 2001a placing it in service mode and found out the format thinking that went so far as service and console video turns on but does not give it 30 seconds and I have not backed off the nor.

    my question is will that e3 welding I can take a backup of the nor and to revive or need a valid nor when the console was fine and if not I have that method would you recommend?

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    the e3 doesn't have to be "married" as long as u have the right update. pm ill send u a link. oh and you can leave the clip in if you want (i don't know why you would leave it except for dual boot) just put masking tape around the connecter that goes to the e3 card and use strong alcohol to get the glue off if u need to use it again.

    my opinion is that Nor Inspector 0.01 is the best i have hacked many ps3 and it has not been wrong 1nce. now i'm saying its never been wrong 4 me but u may get different results. no one one this site or myself are responsible if you mess your own stuff up. but the best advice anyone could give is be patient take your time and triple check everything.
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    i got a e3 flasher but don't know how to install on ps3 fat nand

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    The e3 doesn't work on a nand ps3 you need a progskeet or a teensy. Or have someone to do it like me. Thanks.

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    is there a e3 for fat ps3 nand cech b01?

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    does e3 work on slim cech 3012b?

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    E3 Flasher bricked Ps3 won't start

    I have a slim CECH2501a I installed the E3 correctly for the third time. I was able to update and back up my nor dump. I flashed the e3_downgrade bin turned off the system unplugged the power cable plugged it back in, put the e3 in the second usb slot...

    however i didn't put the reader file on it... so when i started the ps3 by pressing power and eject, it shut down after two seconds. Now when i try to start it it shuts down after 2 seconds. Can i fix this? Is that what i saved the backup dump for? Please help


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